AllStars – EuroFest

Hey Carfans, i braved the heat for just a while to checkout the goodness at Silverwater Park with the flyboys from AllStars. Granted I did arrive a touch late with a large bunch of Golf’s taking off from the scene when I got there (maybe they heard a rumour about the 1M making an appearance and decided that it was just too much). Even with that small exodus i got us some pics so please enjoy:

ImageI like red cars, especially if they look like this, like that Golf, man that is hot.

That is low enough thank you

Sweet – Owner is Female, must get pointers on how low life goes…  maybe number too?

Ever since Jeremy Clarkson had his words on this car it’s been the power mad’s whip of choice, this one looks extra gnarly, I like it more than the standard poser-mobiles.

MK2 is a pretty standard affair, not quite as cool as the MK1 but this one is special, and I love the retro euro wheels or wherever he got that.

The Alfa-Romeo Giulia Sprint: Oh lordy, I’d have mine in red with original steelies and that 4 leaf clover badge on the front quarter panel.

I approve of this Audi A1 very much, so much that there is another pic of it’s behind below

Mmm – that is some sorted A1, great stance.

I heard Prince Albert of Monaco has one of these, should ask him if he wants to sell.

Tidy Audi S3

All in the (Volkswagen Group) family

It’s been a few months since I last saw this car at the 1M coffee and cars meet, the wheels are looking tough

Looking good, ladies.

Borbet wheels, why u no make 19×10 for my car? Classic case of want but cannot have, all the best Golf owner, I like those wheels very much.

Evo E30 M3 in left-hand-drive… and it’s for SALE! Think Mercedes thoughts think Mercedes thoughts!

The AllStars crew have once again pulled off a successful show. Eurofans from all over the east coast flocked to the gathering with some interesting/exotic/funky and tricked out rides. Inspiration and a little envy were everywhere. Come down to checkout the show next time you’re around… and happen to be here when the show is on.

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