Recent Gaming News

0Black ops 2 rakes in the money


In 15 days the newest COD game made $1 billion one day faster then MW3, now anyone who knows me personally knows that i rather the Battlefield series over the call of duty but even i have to say that it is impressive.

New Wii U stuff


On the 5th of December nintendo had a video stream where they announced the Wii Fit U this new product will launch in the first half of next year it will come with a tamagotchi looking device that’s called the Fit Meter.

Steam’s Big Picture


Recently Valve announced the official launch of “Big Picture Mode a fancy interface for the beloved system turning your gaming grade PC in to a couch friendly gaming machine, to celebrate this Steam is having a huge sale emphasizing games that have remote support and are better with remotes such as Lego batman 2. SWEET! this sale will run till the 10th of December so whip out those credit cards and get buying

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