Singapore! However…

You may be wondering why the posts haven’t been rolling in these past few days. It is true, all the team are here in Singapore but we’ve all gotten ill! I don’t know if it was the food which has so far been great or the water (that should be fine… it’s Singapore!) but we’ve all had stomach issues of varying degrees. Don’t let that change your mind about visiting Singapore sometime in the future because after a fun packed couple of days we will be blogging about:

– Universal Studios
– Food
– Shopping
– Getting around town

I have just bravely gotten over some bad bits of the bug and am ambulatory so I left the apartment to get some lunch. I decided against the heat of a hawker centre and took refuge in a local shopping mall in Kovan. I wanted something simple and hopefully containing nutrients and good stuff to help me get going again. So I hit up “New York New York” for a sandwich, something un-stuff-up-able. I didn’t think mayo was served in kilos nor did I know that chicken burger patties could look more like spam than anything else. In short just avoid.

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