Finally home

After a long hot 2 weeks away in Singapore, I have returned home along with the rest of the family. In the time we spent there we had a jam packed itinerary, exploring the sites with my sister and her fiance Michael. We visited Universal Studios and had an awesome day, though it was a bit crowded for my liking.

Tip: If you are planing on going to Universal Studios, go early and get tickets online or if you’re a tourist buy your tickets at the airport. It saves time and you don’t have to wait in a seemingly endless line.

But holidays are not just sunshine and rainbows. All three of the KOKSTARS team were sick at some point and even Michael got sick but even though the tale gets dark, some light shines and by the end of the trip we were semi-recovered or back to 100%. The end of an amazing trip.



Now gaming may resume as usual.




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