Memoir of a sweaty adventure

Happy new year!

As you’ve already read, we are all back in our countries after a great two weeks in Singapore. We didn’t end up going to Legoland because we had heard from our younger cousins that it is very much for young children, however we did manage to spend an eventful and hot, humid day at Universal Studios, eat plenty and do a whole lot of shopping. We also did go to Malaysia for a day, but our time was mostly spent in a shopping centre. Singapore is the land of shopping and eating, so you could say that the trip was very fulfilling. Though we’ve all been there countless times to visit family, there’s always something new to do because the country is constantly growing and changing despite its small size.

View from The Esplanade

View from The Esplanade

The main new attraction that we visited this time round was the Gardens By The Bay. I like nature, but this takes it to a new level. It is quite an amazing display. We visited with some friends at night to avoid the heat of the day and I must say that I think that it is more spectacular at night. The lights are shining and the park is a plethora of colour and magnificence. It’s really changed the cityscape. We didn’t have to pay an entry fee to walk around, but if you do plan to visit it costs $25 general admission and then further fees if you plan to enter the two main attractions there: the Flower Dome and the Cloud Forest. Looking out from the Marina Barrage, you see the Singapore Flyer (Singapore’s version of the London Eye), the Marina Bay Sands and the Gardens By The Bay, and if you’re into cityscapes, the view is beautiful. Also from The Esplanade (theatre) you can see the hotel, Merlion and other key structures.

Gardens By The Bay Supertrees

Gardens By The Bay Supertrees

I must say that I am not someone who enjoys or can even stand humidity, which is why it’s always a little struggle for me to spend a lot of time in a country like Singapore, but thankfully December is relatively cool compared to the rest of the year. Monsoon season is the only somewhat bearable season for me, so if you’re anything like me, I’d recommend that you visit Singapore during December because not only is the weather more manageable, but the city is really lit up and although it looks a bit cheesy with all the decorations which scream WINTER!!, there’s something nice about it. Also, if you are there to shop, you will be fine because basically every MRT station is attached to a well air-conditioned shopping centre, so you could technically travel around Singapore without being more than 5 minutes in the humidity.

This time round we got to be more touristy than normal because Michael had never been to Singapore before, making it an even more interesting experience. I really enjoyed seeing the new attractions and just having a really chilled-out trip without feeling like we had to cram every experience in and spend every free minute doing something productive.

Life is back in full swing now though with an exam on my second day back and regular classes. Looking forward to future travels already! The travel bug definitely bit me hard…

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