Do I enjoy?: Amazon Kindle Paperwhite WiFi

I am Australian so we get great weather, good food, big open spaces, police around every corner waiting to book you for speeding, bogans and Julia Gillard. Stuff we don’t get so easily (if we like it or not) is things from Amazon; because shipping is a million dollars and it will arrive sometime eventually next year. So I told myself that there would be no chance in damnation that I would buy a Kobo or Barnes and Noble reader or a ‘not Kindle but trying hard to be one’ simply because they have small book selections and looked like a dog’s breakfast.

So to onwards to Google and I found, a local and passionate supplier of all things Kindle and I was amazed at the selection of Kindles on offer with all the cases and accessories I could possibly want, this was heaven for the Kindle minded but let me explain myself. I like the iPad, I would very much enjoy it if it were given to me. It has all the right apps to do everything I could possibly want but there’s a catch for me and that is distraction. I just know I would be inclined to flip between book and internet and then a game of Bad Piggies, the possibilities would be endless so by the end of the night I would have read one page of a novel and then spent the rest of the time figuring out the best way to get the small one and the fat one to find all 20 stars, it’s just too much. Put that on top of having my eyes hurting from the glare and you have a one way ticket on the red eye.

So to the Kindle-not-exactly-Paperwhite, the reviews have come back as positive, it’s lit from the front by a thin membrane that is side lit and then fills the screen with light on the screen and not behind it. This is very much like having a homogenous light shone on just the page at night albeit very slightly green or pink in certain parts. Very relaxing and adjustable too so you can “turn down the lights” when the going gets dark, this also saves battery. I am not sure of the “8 weeks of reasonable daily use” claim but I know I don’t charge it often at all, you can read for 2 hours a day and it would have 50%in reserve after 2 weeks.

Onto reading, the resolution is good, text is clear and sharp and the touch quality is passable, sometimes not registering the touch to change page exactly but that might be my dry hands or it misses America and is being petulant. Still for it’s small foibles I have taken a shine to it, it is wrapped in a dark blue leather flip case with faux-suede lining and is called ‘Kinzie’. Now I walk around everywhere with my  Kinzie and people think I am a bible salesman or I want to “open their eyes to the gospel”. They are wrong of course, all I want to do is read. I Enjoy.

One thought on “Do I enjoy?: Amazon Kindle Paperwhite WiFi

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    Since I love to read and don’t have an e-reader, I thought this would be interesting. My brother has become a huge fan of his Kindle upon purchasing it recently. I like to have a real book in my hands but maybe I should try to modernise a bit? We shall see…

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