Recently i have been playing with a question in my head… Should single player games remain offline?

This has happened many times in recent years such as Diablo 3  that needs a constant internet connection to play even in the single player mode now is this really fair to gamers… yes it does protect the interests of the developers to get every cent that they earn t whilst making said game but Lots of us pirate games and i am indifferent  about it.

But those sneaky pirates even with the online only protection, they find a way to work it and get it right so that they can enjoy a game with out spending any money on it.

Say your on a 12 hour flight to Germany from Singapore and you have your laptop loaded with games and your charger and with most flights they will have a power point, you plug your headphones in and get ready for maybe 4 hours of   non-stop Diablo 3 then you come to the sudden realization that you cant level up your Monk another few.

I would like to see peoples responses to this mind numbing question.

One thought on “Question…

  1. James McEwan says:

    Well, you raise a good point, but I feel this is a lost argument that would have been better asked 5-6 years ago. The developers of of single player games cannot logically survive with the influx of piracy that accommodates the development. An example of this would be Skyrim and Dishonored. It would be fair to say, the majority of people that play these games are those who pirated them. The accessibility of a single player game is too enticable to the average gamer. Why buy a game that you can only play and enjoy by yourself, if the possibility of pirating this game can acheive the same experience, with all perks and possible DLC’s. The influx of people who buy games nowadays MUST have some minimal multiplayer feature, in order to survive. This is evident in the case of many games such as Borderlands 2 and the upcoming Crysis 3. The amount of people who bought this game greatly outnumber those who pirated them. They include a great amount of story elements, but have the accessibility of a well defined multiplayer. These games are not worth pirating if most piraters have trouble playing with one another through shotty third person applications. The future holds in store less singleplayer games, and a sharp increase in multiplayer games.

    Great blog guys. A friend told me about it. This article was spot on, so I felt it deserved a comment. Keep up the good work.

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