Saints Row 4 not the fourth



So at PAX East 2013 they Volition has shown off Saints Row 4 and are you ready for Dubstep, guns and SUPERPOWERS!!!!

So other then just having superpowers we will be able to customize them i don’t know how but im gona say a skill tree?… but we will also have a Bananas arsenal and something about becoming the president of the United States?…. No nope that’s not a typo.

Wait yes wait there’s more such as i don’t know Aliens, gangs (obviously), boss fights and MOAR customization! we will be able to experience this all on August 20 2013 for Xbox 360 PlayStation 3 and PC. Dildo bats not yet verified. =C

Bioshock Infinite


Today Bioshock Infinite was released for those who are as excited for it as i am will probably seen all the reviews but here is some of those

IGD gave it a 10/10 Review HERE

IGN gave it a  9.4/10 Review HERE

Gamespot AU gave it a 9/10 review HERE

PC gamer gave it a 91/100 Review HERE

so hopefully i will be able to get my hands around it soon and get a review out.

Resident Evil 6 X Left 4 Dead 2


Last week Valve and Capcom announced a crossover from both their zombie killing series which shows Valves L4D2 characters in the RE6 world the result is a pretty cool looking third person shooter (trailer HERE) But its not just the L4D2 heroes going over its also some of the zombies Such as the Witch and the Mini tank i know right… but the zombie companions will only feature in the “No Mercy Mode”.

This cross over goodness will come to us on April 5th.

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