Killing Floor: The first Jack Reacher novel

Recently you may have watched a movie called Jack Reacher starring Tom Cruise. What you may not have known is that it is based on a series of novels and short stories totalling 17. I had a chance to read the first novel, ‘Killing Floor” over the last few days and words that come to mind would be “wow” then maybe followed but “phew” because when the story sucks you in and the action goes into high gear, there is no putting down the novel. Sure in the initial parts you introduced to the world and the people. You start to like and dislike certain characters etc. but the intensity of the relationships and your perception of what is going on increases as each page turns.

Set in the purposely, unnervingly perfect and picturesque, fictional town of Margrave, Georgia we find Jack just minding his own business when he’s arrested for a murder he didn’t commit. The story gets interesting from there with tight twists and turns leaving you wondering how on earth Jack knows what he knows. Jack is presented to us as the loner, a drifter 6 months out of military service where he spent all of his youth and adulthood until now. He was trained as a Military Police special investigator which makes him the guy who catches trained killers (ok I cheat that was from the movie).

The story is told in first person mostly with Jack’s inner monologue. He talks when he needs to and doesn’t mind sticking it to the law which probably wins points with just about everyone. His incredible knack for physics and math make him the ultimate one man army with all the angles covered, it was particularly fun reading about him basically assassinating his assassins. They never saw it coming and they didn’t stand a chance.

It’s the dark uncertainty of all the supporting characters and the clear certainty that Jack can and will rip the enemy a new one that eggs you on, chapter to chapter.

Do yourself a favour and grab yourself a copy, be a fan of Jack Reacher, I know I am.


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