BMW Lo Rider – 1 bike but different things to different people

The song by War is starting and I’m cast back to the 2nd version of “Gone in 60 Seconds” with Nicolas Cage getting the groove on before setting out to steal nearly every great and good car from the 60’s to the late 90’s. Ok maybe the song should hang around in your mind but let me change the imagery to a bike. Not “pushie” but a motorcycle that was just a design study by BMW in 2008. It looked like this:


BMW Lo Rider Concept 2008 – Brutal, tough and chiseled, everything I am not.

Want would be too soft a word for this. I don’t know how long I have waited for a bike that fitted the bill of looking as brutal as this one does. Modern motorcycle design is rife with plastic fairings and odd panel gaps, I just want a tank and to heck with the plastic panels because I want to see the engine bits, the beating heart of the machine. Speed and power isn’t necessarily what it’s all about, just by looking at this picture I can tell it’s going to be fun, I can tell that it sounds great with it’s boxer airhead motor. I know it has soul and agression and the brakes scream out that there is plenty of torque and speed to be stopped. It will be absolutely amazing.

But enough about me being all existential, the best thing, the most coolestest thing in the world about this bike is that it’s factory custom. The bike you see in the picture above is but one of a myriad of configurations you could have setup from the factory. If you are a loner and live alone in a shed with a peace lilly for company then you will like the version I posted above. However if you have friends or more specifically a female friend then maybe you want her right behind you (or in front, no discrimination here) then you can order the seat with a pillion. Feel that the exhaust is a little to close to your inner thigh? No problem, get the lower more traditionally mounted exhaust  pointed right down to the rear axle. The possibilites also include: cafe style rear cowl, modern xenon headlights, different engine block colours and 4 different tank colours.


Many looks, 1 basic bike

This whole factory custom job isn’t new to the industry, Harley Davidson have had at it since forever and Victory’s showroom is a palace of custom. Now it just means people who aren’t attracted to shiny objects can also have their very own unique creation right from the get go. The only problem is it’s just a concept at present. A prototype has been spotted recently with the hallmarks of the concept. Even this doesn’t guarantee the bike’s future.

BMW please, please build this bike.

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