Movie Time and Girl Crush: Kristen Bell

First up we’ve got another featurette for Pacific Rim that explains the need for two people in the “Jaegers” the two pilots are connected by “Drift” where they share every memorie good or bad.

And also there is a Jaeger designer HERE

And this is mine

Kokstars 1-2

Steph: Justin has covered most of the upcoming films that I am excited about so I will attempt to write about some different ones that look interesting.

Stuck In Love

Ever since Veronica Mars, I have had a huge girl crush on Kristen Bell and I am super excited about the Veronica Mars movie. In the meantime, however, Stuck In Love is due to be released early June. The story is about a successful author (Greg Kinnear) who is obsessed with his ex-wife (Jennifer Connelly) and continues to spy on her despite ‘having fun’ with his neighbour Tricia (Kristen Bell). It’s a story about love and life explored through the relationships between him, his 2 children and his ex-wife with the colourful addition of Tricia who tries to help him back into the dating world. Watch the trailer here.

Much Ado About Nothing

I studied way too much Shakespeare in school to really enjoy it anymore, but this seems interesting. This version by Joss Whedon was shot at his house in 12 days and uses the original text unlike many adaptations. The story is a comedy that follows the stories of 2 pairs of lovers that both have different views on love. There’s a little something here for everybody. It is also set for a June 2013 release and you can watch a trailer here.

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