Life Work: Human Resources @ TAFE

I am trying something new.

Over the next few weeks I am going back to an education, more specifically I am going to TAFE* to start a new line of thinking with a new qualification and hopefully a new job at the end. Currently I am in Services Management, basically an escalation point for clients if they feel they aren’t getting their issues resolved quickly enough. The job itself isn’t that terrible, it’s more me trying something new. I used to be a team leader and I really enjoyed helping my engineers out. I was put in charge of orientating our new comers, interviewing and selecting staff for our engineering teams, training and development etc. I loved doing that part of the job, the interaction, the sense that you are helping someone achieve their personal goals was a personal goal in itself.

Through a little persistence and a bit of shoulder rubbing I am now here on the verge of starting my TAFE career in Human Resources Management, I will be going back to training in a classroom environment twice a week at nights after work. It’s going to be interesting finding out about what makes up Human Resources Management and the kind of ideals and concepts this foreign but exciting topic will bring.

I will post on the stuff I am learning and my experience getting my hands dirty in the unknown. It’s a pretty big sea change for me coming from a technical background into the HR world so join me as I get stuck in.

Also if you happen to be a HR person already, suggestions welcome.

*For our readers outside Australia this is kind of like community college or a poly technical institution.

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