The Great Hunt

There comes a point in one’s life where one needs to move out of home and get their own place. For Michael and I, this time is now. Although I no longer technically live at home (you know, the whole living in Germany thing?) we are still living with family and have been searching for our own apartment basically ever since we got engaged in October last year. You can pretty much forget about buying a house in Stuttgart, let alone a decent apartment for a decent price, so we are excited that we may have found the place for us.

It’s not perfect and needs a little work, but compared to the other apartments we’ve seen, this one needs far less work (it’s all just beautifying, but everything works), has all new appliances and a new bathroom, 2 bedrooms and 2 balconies, a nice layout like we had imagined and although we will no longer live in central Stuttgart, it is in a suburb of Stuttgart and it’ll take me about the same time to get into the city (perhaps 10 minutes longer) as it takes me now.

We’re nervous because it’s a big investment, and the biggest either of us has ever made, but it’s also exciting and we’ve already started looking at furniture!

There are of course, so very many things to plan and organise before we’d actually move in (fingers crossed!) but I’m definitely looking forward to it despite any hesitations. I think the best part will be decorating and when it’s all done, I’m sure that we will be happy and content. Also I wish they had a first home owners grant here like in Australia…there are just so many fees in Germany!!

Here’s hoping for a smooth process and hoping that we get the apartment!

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