Movie Time



Story of Linda Lovelace, who is used and abused by the porn industry at the behest of her coercive husband, before taking control of her life. Staring Amanda Seyfried, James Franco and Peter Sarsgaard. Check it out HERE.



Jane Hayes (Keri Russell) is Obsessed with the BBC production of “Pride and Prejudice”, and travels to a Jane Austen theme park in search for her perfect gentleman. Check it out HERE.

In a world…


An underachieving vocal coach is motivated by her father, the king of movie-trailer voice-overs, to pursue her aspirations of becoming a voiceover star. Check it out HERE.

The Boxtrolls


A young orphaned boy raised by underground cave-dwelling trash collectors tries to save his friends from an evil exterminator. Based on a children’s novel. With voices from Elle Fanning, Simon Pegg and Toni Collette.

Check it out HERE 

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