Movie Time

Kick Ass 2


We are getting more and more kick ass 2 stuff and it is making me slightly annoyed that i don’t already have it, on a scale of superman 64 “I wish I didn’t have it” to GTA V “I would kill my best friend” Im going to say closer to Gta V Check it out HERE.

47 Ronin


New movie from Keanu Reeves is the story of 47 samurai who had lost their Daimyo (Feudal Lord) and become Ronin (Samurai with out a master) and they go and avenge their master. Check it out HERE.

The Wolf of Wall Street


This movie looks great another movie with Leonardo DiCaprio about making huge amounts of money that isn’t technically legal. Now does that sound good to you? If so check it out HERE. Im psyched are you?

2 thoughts on “Movie Time

    • justinnator says:

      Yea they both look really great and other stuff coming out this year awesome to cant wait to see what 2014 and 2015 have to show us!

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