Stephanie’s Travels – Northern Germany

I thought I’d share with you an email I got from my sister on her travels around the north of Germany. A preview if you like

Hello Everyone!

Michael has collected some pics of our trip so far to send to you. He uploaded the files and zipped them so you can take a look.

We were in the Miniature Wonderland in Hamburg where all the trains, boats and planes in miniature form drive around. We definitely need to go there together when you come back here! You could spend the whole day there…

We were also in a Wild Park where the animals have a lot of space to run around, but of course wolves, etc are still in an enclosure. I fed some deer though, and they couldn’t get enough of the snacks! They licked my hand and then still came at me even when I ran out!

Michael also did some nature photography in the garden of our second residence here. We are living in a 3-bedroom house and only paying 35 Euros/night for it! It’s very old style and smells like an old person’s home but it’s spacious and cool at least in this heat! Also their land and garden are pretty amazing and large.

Today we went more into the countryside where they have a special landscape. It’s called Lüneburger Heide. The Heide is full of a special type of plant called Heidekraut that is purple in colour and grows because there used to be forest there but then it was cut down and then a type of sheep started to graze in the area and didn’t allow for the forest to grow back. It’s quite beautiful when it’s the right season. We saw a bit of the purple flowers but it’s not really the right time yet. It begins in a few weeks but we won’t be here to see it anymore. Oh well! If you google Lüneburger Heide you will see some really nice pics. Michael took some today too.

Enjoy! Talk to you soon.

Lots of love,

Michael and Steph

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