ASMR and Holophonics : Sounds like Relaxation

Sometimes I have trouble sleeping. Thoughts about work or that new interesting thing in my life or whatever may be at the front of my brain keep me up and mulling-it-over. On these nights I sleep little and wake up tired and in the state of mind of wanting to do nothing in particular. I needed to relax and get my mind off these things and into a sleepy stupor before bed. Years ago my cousin played me an MP3 of something called “Virtual Barbershop”, the premise was simple you would listen to the track and feel all sorts of tingles in around your head… why? Well the audio was recorded in a studio (or an actual barbershop maybe) with a dummy head that had microphones in each ear.


Holophonic Head – likes slow walks on the beach and sunrises, has no legs so a girlfriend who has some preferred –

Invented by Hugo Zuccarelli this is called Holophonics and the head being similar to the size and shape of the average human would capture sound in the same way a human does. This means you’re not just hearing stereo sound like with most music, instead it’s sound that feels like you are actually in the scene and objects can move around you and actually sound like they are. It also means full surround sound using 2 microphones in the recording process and just your average headphones to listen (open speakers have difficulty due to reverberations in the room).

I have digressed so back to the Virtual Barbershop, I could explain but I think it’s best if you go have a listen yourself (plug in your headphones):

There were certain parts of the play that kind of affected you right? Did you feel a tingly sensation when he was using the scissors? You may have felt like he was cutting your hair for real when he used the electric razor. If you did we have now crossed into another territory of the human condition and it’s name is ASMR.

What is ASMR? Well I am glad you asked because here is a great article on wikipedia:

It’s basically tingles in your head or spine and the trigger is… a lot of things. If you type ASMR in Youtube you have loads of videos of things like unboxing of a new game to people whispering in your ear. Some of them work some of them don’t it all depends on you. I was talking about Holophonics though wasn’t I and here is the genius, some very intelligent and eager to please thespians have chosen to put the two together, ASMR triggers and Holophonic sound equals tingly 3-dimensional relaxation.

Some links:
– Imagine the effect of the hair cutting except 16 minutes long: Soundsculptures – Virtual Hairdressers – This particular Youtuber uses very high-quality recording devices and never talks in the videos. Watch it in the highest definition to get the best sound. Checkout her other videos too because they’re all done with the greatest care and best tech.

– Maybe you like visuals with your relaxation video. One of my personal favourites comes from a Youtuber called Violet and she whispers in-front of and around her recording dummy to the delight of many a fan. She also uses loads of stuff she acquires in her day-to-day. Checkout this video to get to know Violet: ASMR Binaural Mic Test: Part Two

– Maybe you want to hear something different and a bit experimental. This guy calls himself “Whisperiment” and even though his rig seems to make sounds in front of you appear behind you, the objects he brings to your ears are vast and I am sure you will find a trigger to send you to the drowsy zone: #21 ASMR Holophonic session (binaural – use headphones)

– This was a little unnerving initially and triggered the shiver down my spine almost from the get go SuperchillumASMR Brush sounds

Note: Some of the videos have up to around 50 minutes of just talking and ASMR triggers so give yourself some time.

I hope you will find something to help you relax to, and remember if you like it, subscribe!

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