Now you see me: Conversational review

This is an experiment in film review for us. Tonight Justin and I review “Now you see me” in tandem and like a verbal conversation… except in writing.

Shaun: the premise is interesting, magic and thievery. We could stay home and watch Dynamo or watch this and I am not sure I will be convinced of the trickery that is usually practical and live. Hollywood is all over this so should I be trying to “believe”.

Justin: so the beginning, do the cards represent what’s to happen?

Shaun: No spoilers!

Justin: The cast for the film was well done even though I find that Dave Franco is a bit annoying

Shaun: Is that because he’s the bad guy from Warm Bodies? The movie quickly gets on with the show because as quickly as we know the main characters we are 1 year in and they’re a big deal. I’m not upset that they skipped all that boring stuff because who cares. The film feels well polished and the glitz and glamour of show business rings perfectly for the subject matter. Lots of pretty CGI and things no one, not even Val Valentino the masked magician can explain.

Justin: It’s not the characters he plays it’s his face, Justin does not like. But you’re right a montage of 1 years training is boring. And does Morgan Freeman and the girl beside him have to record they are right beside each other.

Shaun: What seems to be evident right through the movie is that they are trying to hand you red herring after red herring and keeping you guessing for approx. the 75% of the movie. The problem is that it’s not a huge “Ah-Ha” moment like you were possibly onto a scent. I felt a bit cheated of the payoff as nothing hinted it or even pointed in that direction. Like an empty game of Cluedo where someone opens the clue envelope ½ way into the game and everyone was clueless.

Justin: Yea this movie does like to spin you around and around hinting at possible answers I know that more than once Dad shouted what he thought was the answer.

Shaun: But was he right at any point?

Justin: Nope. I don’t think that he ever got it correct got close, but not correct.

Shaun: It was like pointing at most of the people except the actual person. Am I asking too much to get a hint? Melanie Laurent was great, she’s purdy. Costume department had her put on the typical French woman’s striped blouse, some stereotypes…

Dynamo is a big deal in our house, he’s pretty darn amazing with the sleight of hand and then slaps you in the face with levitation, you can’t beat that kind of trickery. How in the heck does he do it? When I watch a movie with the same tricks, all I can think about is how it’s just camera tricks and green screen. Dynamo doesn’t get that kind of action, not on the street anyway.

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