GTA Online: You must be bored by now

I decided to write a suggestion letter to Rockstar about things I’d like to see:

Hi Guys,

Big fan of the GTA series.

At present I am really enjoying GTA Online and have suggestions for features (No particular order):
– Ability to move cars around in the garage via a hud window (like the context menu) where cars can be swapped into position
– More modification parts for the cars and ability to add more top speed via transmission rather than acceleration or possibly the chance to make a compromise between the two. Love the cars btw, Coquette is officially my favourite.
– Cross platform character progress – I really enjoy the game and have never sunk this many hours in such quick succession into any one game before. I will, like GTA 4 before it buy the PC version of GTA V/Online when it comes out and play with my PC based buddies. I know you’re putting in the work to make the PC version as good as it can possibly be so I ask kindly, no wait I implore you to allow me to import my GTA Online progress to the PC version as well. Currently I have fun with the PS3 version however I can’t help but feel that in some ways I am wasting away time that will be better invested in the PC version where I will inhabit for the foreseeable future when it comes out, what can i say I am a keyboard and mouse guy.
– Post mission passive mode – I have had points where after a game I get shot just because I was running to my car. This isn’t that big a deal but would it be possible for like 20 seconds of god mode while you get away from the lunatics that you were just killing merryweather dudes alongside?
– Crew only or Friend only option from within an Online game – I like the Crew/Friend only session option, it means I can be with people I trust. When starting GTAO from GTAV the option is there to get onto a Crew/Friend only session but I can’t find the option when you are already in a GTAO session. Can that be an option rather then exiting GTAO and starting GTAO again.
– Go back to where you came from – Before a mission if you are on a session by yourself or with friends would it be possible to go back there after a mission? Sometimes it’s necessary to re-invite people again to the server and sometimes resorting to the PSN messaging system which takes a while to write anything. Starting with friends and then ending up alone is lonely.
– Car randomisation – I am not sure if everybody is harking on about this but I find that car spawns seem to be a bit repetitive and not for lack of the selection, for one I know I haven’t seen an Obey Tailgater except the one on Michael’s drive in single player and never in GTAO. There are a shed load of Cavilvades and Issis though when you don’t want one. Handy = Gallivanters and a lot of them to sell so no problem with that.
– Car Armor – Could the glass be armored as well? Drive-bys could make the window go down or something? 360 degree shooting is wildly unrealistic anyway.

Best Regards and great work, keep it up!

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