Get in my belly

Ok so I am only getting around to posting now because we’ve just been enjoying spending time in Australia with the family and meeting up with friends. The weather was amazing for the first 3 days but now it’s raining and hopefully it’ll get better again soon.

Brekky at home

Brekky at home

It’s been a bit of a food adventure because mum’s cooking is the best thing ever. Our first night here we had homemade dumplings, we’ve also had meals with friends, a wedding, a big brunch with chorizo, hash browns, eggs, onions and of course, bacon.

But tonight, we are feasting on homemade pork belly. The meat was bought this afternoon, then scored with a sharp knife and seasoned with pepper, salt, olive oil and vinegar. Then it was up in the oven at 210 degrees for 40 minutes with the skin side down, and then another 40 minutes the other way around.

Pork ready to get in my belly

Pork ready to get in my belly

Slicing the pork belly

Slicing the pork belly

We’ve only got a few more days here (til Saturday) but we have a lot more planned and I will make sure I post about our BA long-haul experience when I return to Germany. Til then, hope you’re keeping dry!

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