Electric Feeling

Just a little update on the progress of our apartment…

I have to say, what a difference an electric motor makes!

So far we’ve gotten the wallpaper down, we’re getting the walls flattened out and soon they will be prepared for painting and then get painted. In the meantime we got motors installed into our shutters making them not only safer (they can’t be lifted from the outside) but also so much easier to handle! One push of a button and all shutters go up or down together, or you can control them separately…oh, the possibilities!

Our cellar is full of furniture, all ready to be put in their rightful places.

Our colour scheme is white, gray and black. Monochrome! The only exception is one of the floors and for now, the doors and their frames. Otherwise it’s monochrome furniture and walls all the way!

Here is some inspiration, monochrome style:

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