Back to business…the big day

The big day. We pushed pause on all the planning due to our big move and renovating our new home but now that that’s done and we’re settled in, it’s time to hit play again.

Yesterday we took a long drive out into the countryside to look at a location. I don’t want to jinx it by saying exactly what/where it is, but it is a castle. It’s beautiful and on the pricey side but not as pricey as you could go. It sounds crazy to say that I may get married/celebrate getting married in a castle, but in Germany this is not so uncommon. Michael’s sister got married in a monastery that was atop a hill, and to be honest, Germany is full of castles and ruins and fortresses. They have to make some extra cash somehow!

This place does it all, it has an amazing menu and they don’t charge extra for room rental, and they even do fireworks if you want them (and you have the cash)! It was such a lovely experience going there. I even ran into the owner and chef of the place and he was so friendly and patient and then said that our drinks were on the house before bidding farewell and then casually walking off.

Once we have the location secured and the guest list figured out, I hope that all the planning will go smoothly!

Have a great week everyone!

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