Astro A38: Short update with pictures of where I am now

This travelling has positives and one of them is figuring out how well noise-cancelling works in an aeroplane where you need it most. I had the first run with the new Astro A38s yesterday on board an Airbus A330 and I can safely say that noise cancelling works so Yay! I don’t know if there is a button to turn noise cancelling on or off so I assume the function is just on all the time because it works.

Most of this isn't audible, great view though so long as the sun isn't right in your eyes

Most of this isn’t audible, great view though so long as the sun isn’t right in your eyes

Subjective testing says to me that around 80% of noise is cut, that is the white noise from the wind and engines outside of the plane to the point where the worst of external droning is reduced to just faint wind sound. I think my old Bose QC3s used to cut nearly all constant droning sounds so this is a failing however at 1/5 the price, not so bad eh? Once the music is on play that wind noise is not really an issue anymore which is brilliant as I can then forget I am on a loud plane and instead feel like I am in my own insulated private cabin where the only interruptions come from cabin crew and even then its a good thing because they bring lovely treats or food.

One downside I can see happens to be it’s trump card in most situations and that is the wireless capability because I use Audiotechnica ANC 33iS headphones with handy airline adapter to listen to movies and TV shows. You can’t jack in to the plane seat to watch the movie with wireless headphones that don’t have a jack for the possibility of connecting to some wired source that doesn’t have bluetooth. Ah well I still pack both because compulsive.

Now please sit back and enjoy pictures… so lovlie!

Office 1

Lucky enough to work out of a place with a view. This is Perth’s concert hall on St. Georges Terrace

Swan River

This is the other view out to the Swan River, not bad just pity about all the buildings in the way


Had chicken karaage for lunch on the first day at a really tucked away subterranean japanese restaurant called Jun. It felt authentic as it was kind of small like I imagine Tokyo restaurants are. AUD 11.80 for all the food here which isn’t half bad!

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