New Year, New Challenges

New years are always about new beginnings, and for the first time in my life I am joining a gym! This sounds like a typical resolution but for me it isn’t. First of all, I am not joining the thousands who join up in January all gung-ho about losing weight and getting fit and then giving up in about March.

I am joining with Michael this week and we will go every second day. I know we can keep it up because Michael is a long-time gym-goer and always did that, and now that we will be going together, we can motivate each other more.

Also, I have goals to get fitter in general and to get ready for next years wedding.

Speaking of which, we have possibly decided on a colour scheme: Purple, Green and Grey (and of course by default, white). The list of invitees is also in progress but it’s tricky with so much family and so many friends spread out all over the world!

Here is some wedding inspiration:

White poppies

I think I have discovered my favourite flower (or one of): White poppies

Lanterns are lovely!

Lanterns are lovely!

Grey, white and yellow decor

Grey, white and yellow decor

Grey, white and yellow decor

Grey, white and yellow decor again

That’s my weekly update for now…I will report on our progress but in the meantime I have to write a thesis! At least the weather is looking up…we’ve got 11 degrees Celcius today! Have a great week!

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