Officials say, winter is over

According to German meteorologists, winter is officially over and I can’t help but agree. Today it’s 13 degrees Celcius, the sky is blue and the sun is shining. Heaters are off. On the weekend it was so pleasant, warm and sunny that we went off for a wander in our nearby forest.

Here’s a peek of what it was like:

Forest adventures

Forest adventures

I mentioned us joining a gym last week but we were so busy during the week that we only got a chance on Sunday so we headed over there with our gym gear, signed up and did our first session. It was a good feeling to get active and do something for my fitness. Also the gym has a water bar that’s included in the membership with berry-flavoured drinks that you can have still or sparkling as well as still and sparkling water. We are also thinking of signing on for the Krav Maga course. If you’ve seen How I Met Your Mother then you’ll definitely know what this is! Israeli Military Self Defence. You have to pay extra for this because it’s taught by a specialist from outside the gym but it may be well worth it.

Let’s hope the sun keeps on shining for a long time and that winter really is over. Hope it’s clear skies and lovely weather wherever in the world you are too!

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