Bad Urach

We finally got some sunshine on Sunday so our first thought was to get out and go…anywhere. Lucky for us, our friends had an idea.

Making our way to the waterfall in Bad Urach

Making our way to the waterfall in Bad Urach – Photo credit: Michael Friz

It started off with a bit of exercise, as we climbed up to see a stunning waterfall in Bad Urach, about 45 minutes south of Stuttgart. For me, the most beautiful part was how the water falls from the top and then branches out into lots of little streams that make their way down in different directions.

Part of the waterfall

Part of the waterfall – Photo credit: Michael Friz

The place was packed because it’s also a popular location for wandering through the forest. Although I didn’t have the right shoes on for the trip, I made my way up without any problems. It’s a lovely walk along the stream for about 1.5 kilometres and then you have to climb some stairs for quite some way to get to the waterfall itself. Getting to the top is a little steeper but then you can reward yourself with a snack and a drink at a little hut.

Worth a trip - I'm interested to see how it would look in winter

Worth a trip – I’m interested to see how it would look in winter

I would say it’s worth the trip, but what made it even better was spending some time at the thermal baths across the road. If you’re under 26 it’s 8.80€ and otherwise, on a Sunday, it was about 11€ for an adult for 3.5 hours. We took our time swimming in the 32 degree outdoor pool, then heading to an inside pool with 34 degrees, another outdoor pool with 38 degrees, a dark, relaxing pool with 34 degrees, a 47 degree steam room with a plum aroma and finally a 34 degree spa with massage nozzles. There are also massages on offer, but with all of that time in the water, we got so relaxed that we felt sleepy.

It was different to our time at the Lüneburg Salt Baths, but just as relaxing.

If you’re in the area and looking for a relaxing, yet exciting day out, give the waterfall and the thermal baths a go!

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