Every time we head to visit Michael’s family, it means a trip to Bonn and to Cologne, hence, Bologne!

The whole family was there for the christening of a cute new addition to the family.

We arrived on Saturday around 11am and made plans to go to Bonn and then to Cologne to visit the kids.

Bonn also happens to be where ‘Haribo’ comes from (the bo in Haribo), which is another reason why we headed into the city and to the Haribo shop.

They had basically everything and then some. So many things I’d never even seen before!

Me and the Haribo bear

Me and the Haribo bear

We had a lovely time seeing everyone again and watching the soccer, as well as collecting new places to take the Kokstars family when they come to visit!!

The majestic Mosel

The majestic Mosel

On the way back to Stuttgart we did a bit of a detour and checked out (from the road) a beautiful abbey called Maria Laach. Then, we had a pit stop at a rest station that overlooks the Mosel River. Another beautiful location that I wrote about awhile back.

I never thought of Germany as a country of beautiful, varied landscapes but being here the last three years has made me think differently!

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