Experimental Kitchen: Mojito

This is a different kind of Experimental Kitchen because I didn’t find this recipe, rather was taught it by the experts 🙂

Of all the cocktails, I enjoy a good Mojito because it’s fresh, tasty and when made correctly, delicious!

Last Friday I went to Henkersfest (literally, executioner/hangman fest) not because people get hanged anymore, but because it takes place on the square where executions were once carried out. The Havana Club bus just happened to be there and for 3€ you get to learn how to correctly make a Mojito and learn about the ingredients and finally, you get to drink your Mojito at the end! Since I am now a ‘Havana Club Mojito Ambassador’, I thought I’d pass my knowledge onto you.

This recipe is for one glass of Mojito.

The beginning: Ingredients

The beginning: Ingredients


2 bar spoons white sugar (not brown, as many use! White sugar melts better.)
The juice of half a lime
4-5 stalks of mint
9cl sodawater
ice cubes (not crushed, otherwise you end up with a diluted concoction)
5cl Havana Club 3 Años


1. In a clean glass/cup, add 2 heaped bar spoons of sugar.
2. Squeeze the lime into the cup.
3. Break off the ends of 3 or 4 stalks of mint to get a mintier flavour. Add the stalks into the cup and throw away the ends.
4. Add sodawater.
5. Using a muddler press down on the mint to release some of its flavour. Don’t get too wild though, the mint should stay in tact.
6. Fill the cup to the brim with ice cubes.
7. Add the rum and stir.
8. Take a final stalk of mint, twisting it slightly, and put it into the cup as decoration. Add a straw and voila!

The final product

The final product


In other news, I tried making an out-of-the-box Oreo cake and it turned out quite yummy! Next time I’ll try making one on my own.

Oreo cake - no baking time and it comes with its own form!

Oreo cake – no baking time and it comes with its own form!

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