Mirror Chalkboard

I have a thing for chalkboards and whiteboards, so when I had the idea to get a pretty frame and turn it into a chalkboard, I couldn’t stop until I had done it.

Mirror with frame

Mirror with frame

I bought a second-hand mirror with a pretty frame and with a bottle of chalk/blackboard spraypaint, it was a breeze!

I opened up the back, sprayed the back of the mirror with a few thin layers of the paint and then once it dried, I put the glass back in. I read that you should also rub chalk all over the new surface and then rub it off before using the chalkboard so that whatever you write will rub off.

It turned out ok though I didn’t wipe the old message off properly. Here’s the final product with a drawing I saw online and recreated:

Hello Autumn!

Hello Autumn!

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