All Hallows’ Eve

In Germany, they don’t usually celebrate Halloween, but it’s become more popular over the years and this year I will be attending my second-ever Halloween party because it also happens to be a friend’s birthday.

I find that costumes should be somewhat scary and find it weird that a lot of them aren’t these days…usually this celebration is just treated like a big ol’ dress-up party with an open theme. Fun, but not so scary.

This year we’re doing a couple costume: zombie bride and groom. I bought a dress online for 10€ and a veil headband for another 6€. Michael will be wearing an old suit and a top hat that we bought for about 5€. We also got some face paint that’s that old, off-white colour.

Needless to say, I’m looking forward to playing dress-ups!

Imagine this with blood and a pale face with dark eye rings:

The 'wedding' dress

The ‘wedding’ dress. Photo: ASOS

The veil. Photo: ASOS

The veil

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