My Favourite Apps: Late edition

It’s Fridaaaaaaay! And what better way to celebrate than get all personal with the apps you love. I admit I don’t really pay much attention to the productivity stuff and mainly focus on a very select bunch of games and productivity killing apps to stave off boredom when you’ve nothing to do and a whole lot of time away from your Playstation/PC/desk/home etc. there are some interesting ones though so bear with me:

(If you are an iPhone user, some may still apply though I am an Android user so I don’t have limitations)

1. Ski Safari


This is a great game because you only need one finger to play it and the motion is either tap or hold. Nothing more to do here no special moves just endless rolling hills and an AVALANCHE that is trying to swallow you whole. Ride penguins, yetis, wolves, eagles and ski-doos to get away as quick as you can. Collect coins to buy upgrades at the store. Simple and fun and it never ends like you wish good things would.


One finger is all it takes to get Sven away from the avalanche

2. Reddit is Fun


This is an app that delivers Reddit to your phone in a format easy to handle on a phone, because I don’t waste enough time at work as it is. You can login as yourself on Reddit and make all your usual stupid downvoted comments.

3. Motorola Connect


As I just got a Moto 360 this app is the single most useful to help me change my watch-face to whatever purdy lady picture happens to take my fancy on Tapiture. And that is everything I like about this app except maybe you can also customise all the default watch-faces too. TOP SHELF!

4. Real Racing 3

Screen Shot 2014-11-21 at 2.47.00 pm

CARS! That is the gist of it; I like cars so playing driver in many racing series in dashboard view on a phone is just wow because my old PC couldn’t even handle that and this is all on a phone!

5. Samsung SideSync 3.0


If you have a Samsung phone you can probably use SideSync 3.0, what is it? It is the app that allows your Mac or PC to do screen sharing from your phone to your computer and you can use your mouse on the phone or you can have your phone on your computer and stuff, magic! You can also add remove files and folders via the explorer and all the usual stuff.

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