Top 4 games we want to play in 2015: Shaun’s picks

 Grand Theft Auto V and Grand Theft Auto: Online


Pretty much a year ago and a bit I was loading up Grand Theft Auto V onto my PS3 because that’s what you do when the latest and greatest game series is released… on the PS3 and Xbox 360 only. So basically I was downgrading controllability from my previous super-fun experience on PC with GTAIV and going to the archaic PS3 with it’s 10 year old hardware and… well it has a Blu-Ray player so that’s pretty good.


The detail is just amazing. I can’t believe how different the feel is by just looking at this shot. i need a new 4K monitor to take advantage of the resolution you can get from this game now.

Once again I am on the cusp of the release of the same game from back then on the PS3 now on the only platform that counts, the PC!

What does that mean? Well with the mouse and keyboard and the controller you can drive properly and now you can also shoot like a pro. The graphics will be more polished and fingers crossed we should get 60fps. If that doesn’t mean much to you well imagine the difference between a flipbook animation and seeing a person walkabout in real life. That is the smoothness you will experience.


Ok ok so the game is delayed again now to 24 March 2015 but really when it looks this amazing, I don’t really mind.

Finally i will also be able to have my PC playing buddies join me as they don’t have PS3s so woohoo!


It’s going to feel pretty much all new. C’mon don’t explode until you play it.

Coming to PC 24 Mar 2015. Already out for every other platform (lucky sods)

Tom Clancy’s The Division


A post apocalyptic New York City open to discover and explore, what’s not to like about that? Playing cooperatively is only recently re-emerging. People have more fun when they get together for a common objective in a scenario for an over arching storyline. The Borderlands series showcased and made co op 4-player fun so why not do that for more games? I am excited for the tactics and open world aspects of this game but could this drag me away from GTAV? Only time will tell.


A grimy and litter strewn New York City… no different from real life then.

It is a Ubisoft title however not developed by the same studio so I hope upon hopes that the release won’t be rushed and it will work well when I install it. Please pretty please.

Coming to PC, PS4 and Xbone somewhere in 2015.

Star Citizen


I am not sure there are many that aren’t waiting on tenterhooks for the game that is promising much and so far it is delivering some of it’s awesome universe in the form of hangar and dogfighting modules to the early adopters. If you like the idea of the infinite black of space mixed in with combat in and out of the spaceship then prepare to handover the next few years of your life because you won’t be leaving that room.


2015 is the year of beautiful games. This screenshot sums that up nicely.

And for good reason too. The universe is big and the places you can go are approaching infinite but that doesn’t matter if the things you can do are one-dimensional. Thankfully there are many things to do and people you can become so it’s almost like second life… except with less penises. Roberts Space Industries promises a community driven universe so whatever that means, I’m in!

Coming to PC hopefully in 2015, possibly 2016.

Project CARS


Being a car guy I can’t help but love cars so when there was a Star Citizen-esque community backing event going on with promises of profit percentages being paid back to the original backer I was intrigued. Slightly Mad Studios are the brains behind my favourite episodes of the Need for Speed franchise being the two Shift games. They were brilliant and oh so much fun and a departure from the rubbish Black Box creations. Much thought to performance, physics and handling resulted in excellent “driving feel”. I was taken immediately with the brilliance that was/is the NFS Shift games and am looking forward to March 2015 when I can experience this grassroots affair from Slightly Mad Studios.


More proof that 2015 is going to be great


The rain effects in Project CARS look brilliant

Coming to PC 17 March 2015 in the US and 20 March 2015 in Europe, probably somewhere in between for Australia. That’s another game coming out before GTAV makes it to PC… sigh.

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