What’s happening?

Hello everyone who reads this (probably family, maybe friends),

It’s been awhile since I posted and I apologise for that. We started this blog to write and write and write to get better, be more relevant, interesting and maybe by some infinitesimal chance become writers professionally… maybe.

I am 30 now and what can I say for myself, well it’s been a good 30 years from my recollection. I have a job, a girlfriend, I don’t dislike my parents or siblings in any way and I have a mortgage (…yay). Recently I had my hair cut in such a way that most of the sides is really short in an attempt to feel younger and it made me think of things I do to make me feel like I am still a younger man and being asian this isn’t too difficult I admit as only a year or two ago I was being carded at the liquor store when purchasing a bunch of cider. Now after the 30th birthday I feel like that isn’t going to happen anymore. I am going to be able to walk into a club or a pub and order a beer without the keep even considering asking me either because he’s figured out what an asian this side of 18 looks like or he’s just too embarrassed to ask.

I have also been, thanks to my girlfriend, attending functions whether they be of the birthday variety or dinners with friends maybe a picnic for grownups. It’s all brilliant and sobering because these functions are in celebration of the first year of a baby, bridal party or dinner just because and with no one over 35 or under 25 attending. Odd it was that no one was looking at me funny for stealing all the best cuts of roasted pork, or nicking slightly more than I usually get away with, being a grown up has it’s perks. Now you’re thinking this is a guy who is well advanced in his years and yet he is only just starting to see the light… grow up already right?

What does that mean these days? Should we have the requisite first property, not be renting and owning some form of personal transport (city slickers need not apply with your reliance on public transport you might as well be still at school)? Had a child maybe begun cleaning up after said child and waking up at odd hours to feed and then put them back to sleep?

Being is grownup these days is whatever you want it to be, don’t let people tell you what you should and should not be doing because half the time they have no clue themselves. I’m getting to the point where younger people with their fresh minds know way more than me on technical stuff and you know, that’s alright by me. Let somebody else figure out why my smartphone is not clearing alerts from the notification bar.

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