It’s about time

Well, now im super late making my first post of 2016 now rather then the January/February mark that I wanted but hey better late than never. But for now lets ignore that and get on to the fun stuff. Since I last posted we went to Germany for Steph and Michael’s wedding I’ll let her tell you about that though.

In January we started Archery probably the only sport that I have ever enjoyed, I never did archery in school the teachers believing us to be to irresponsible and dangerous, me and Shaun chose to go the easy route of picking up the compound bow a fast and powerful way to jump in to the winners circle without the need for extra training we jumped high and fast every weekend earning a higher handicap a great way to be filled with confidence. Mum and dad chose recurve bows that were more elegant than the crude compound bows that me and my brother started with.9589_10208967436451295_3191153249378855663_nBut our hunting bow of choice the Bear Cruiser was no longer good enough we needed something faster and designed for target shooting dad put me in touch with a friend who was willing to sell us his old bow for a good price not knowing who he was I was sceptical at first but the bow ended up being a Hoyt pro comp elite all though being superseded it was the top bow for 2014, we were soon asked to join our coaches indoor practice shooting became a whole different ball game, shooting the gold every time was a given but now technique was where it was at soon talks of competing every weekend became what do you want to train on this week.20160521_104607[1]

In April I turned 20 and Steph and Michael came to Sydney, we took a short trip to Auckland to see some of the sites, eat some amazing pizza and take lots and lots of photos.IMG_20160426_183648[1]That’s about it at the moment we have a competition coming up soon so we will be training for that, but the team should be getting back into the swing of writing again.


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