GTA Online: Executives and Other Criminals details

It’s no secret that me and Shaun love GTA its been nearly 3 years since its launch and we’re still playing it the frequent updates have kept us interested and engaged. Rockstar has not failed us but….

Like with all the updates we knew what we were getting our self’s into we quickly pushed to earn as much money as possible with a set of new cars on the way the subreddits were a hive of speculation. We finally got a glimpse of the new cars when the trailer dropped, Although not knowing details of the cars YouTubers had a field day posting breakdowns of the trailer identifying real life counterparts in comparison to what they had seen, im not saying its a bad thing I mean we all did it but this built even more hype around something that ultimately let me down.


We will start with this the Vapid FMJ its profile and overall design resembles the new Ford GT and its face resembles that of the Aston Martin Vulcan. With nearly all the cars in GTA the price is a good indicator of how fast it will be this one cost me a cool 1.75 Million its not the fastest supercar but it handles well.


The Reaper most definitely a Lamborghini clone with a hint of that Lykan Hypersport thing that everyone loves so much, its fast and sounds great but its quite ugly it takes similarities from its real life counterparts but when put together it just doesn’t work.


Ok so the Bestia GTS was not the car we expected and for one of our friends it was no the car he wanted immediately selling it after seeing it arrive in his garage. although fairly ugly upon first inspection the car has begun to grow on me and has become on of my favorites, it drives well and serves as a good getting around town car.


The newest long super sedan the Windsor Drop although not faster then the Schafter V12 the Drop makes up in torque and is quite a bit of fun going around town.


I didn’t buy the Benefactor XLS but Shaun did and I quote “Good SUV just lacks character, looks a bit meh” and I have to agree we raced the XLS vs. the Gallivanter Baller LE the performance was close but the we both agreed that the Baller looked better and was more interesting to drive. That giant behemoth in the background is the HVY Brickade a Pegasus vehicle that has so many flaws, it’s primary use is for the sale of contraband items and it can be upgraded in the warehouse but the upgrades only attached when the sale mission is started. If you were to call it from Pegasus in freeroam it does not have the bullet proof tyres or the performance upgrades that you paid for. It’s only claim to fame is that it can have 6 guys on the out side, is a great ramming vehicle and its acceleration is faster than any other.

X80 Prototype 1

The X80 is one car that I didn’t think I would be writing about this round, after the release of the update the car and a few others were leaked and we expected to see it when nest update came out. But quietly with a PVP game mode as well Rockstar caved and gave us the X80 Prototype based on the Ferrari F80 its the most outlandish car we’ve seen.

X80 Prototype 2.jpg

I opted to keep the stock wheels favouring the concept car look over all. Its design and active aero is similar but not the same as other cars, Its placed at the rear like the T20 but splits in half to rotate in accordance of steering direction and has an additional fixed wing which takes the look farther in to the relm of concept GT cars. Its gullwing doors are short and resemble the Osiris and Stirling GT. Shaun favouring handling went with upgraded wheels and tyres We decided that this was a good time for a good old fashioned race we decided to go for a race around our favourite track the Nurburgring.

X80 Prototype 3.jpg

We pit it against the only car we believed would be able to stand against it the T20 and at $2.7 Million it’s really only a show piece. In a straight line the T20 gets monstered the X80’s acceleration is second to none but when a full race track is laid out infront it just can’t keep up. Under hard braking and twisty corners through the mountains of Vinewood it fails to be as quick or agile as its more realistic counter part.

X80 Prototype 4

It’s speed will always make for an interesting ride but its lightweight build and its monumental power proves that to much power is not always a good thing.


Probably the biggest addition to online is the purchase of offices, there is a choice of 4 offices that are spread across the city the prices vary but being me I chose the most expensive trust me my bank account did not like the outcome. Fully decked out it cost a clean $6.1 Million.


The gun locker on the Left allows you to customise the loadout that you run in freeroam which was a god send especially when you try finding pesky AP Pistol in the middle of a firefight. The safe on the right is purely cosmetic.The Computer is used to purchase warehouses and contraband.


The Lounge has a mini game similar to TRON and can be played with 2-4 players and winning one round awards a free shirt. Interestingly they added the ability to change seating position so that the character sits more comfortably.


I haven’t found a use for the conference room it looks cool but is kind of redundant considering the max players in a company is 4. The clutter is due to collecting contraband in warehouses its irritating but acts as a similar to trophies.



The office can be used as a apartment and spawn location, which is great as the assistant can call for any vehicle from any garage. Finally giving access to all 50 cars and Pegasus vehicles from one location.


We filled my warehouse and I think im going to keep it this way.


From here you can upgrade the delivery vehicles the prices are quite steep but can assist in the delivery of goods.


Gold Minigun anyone?

There are special crates that can be purchased at random times after a phone call from your assistant the crate is more expensive but yields a higher sale price.


Want a high class helicopter that looks like its from the future well here you go, the Volatus costs $2.2 million and functions like its older and cheaper brother the Buckingham Swift. The design is a bit to slim and makes landing wobbly its only a bit slower than the Frogger.


The Nimbus is probably the most meh aircraft ever its abit faster then the Luxor, costs $1.9 million and looks like a commercial aircraft after looking around it I’m quite disappointed with it.

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