Justin Kok: Gamer

Justin: My Name is Justin Kok i am Teh gamer i am the youngest of the KOKSTARS i am still in school i play way to many games but no console PC only my first gaming love was Unreal tournament the original one and i have been playing games ever since i love comic books and new technology.

In the future I will be posting about Games here and also there will be guest appearances from the guys and girls on the KOKSTARS team. Stay classy.


Steph: Just a quick post from me today…I’ve just woken up over here in Stuttgart, Germany and am really excited about this blog of ours. A bit about me, I’m the middle child of this group of siblings, I studied Journalism and am now almost halfway through my studies in Web Design and Development. As I said I’m living in Stuttgart, and it’s home to Mercedes, Porsche and a ‘Swabian’ way of life . I’ve been here now for a year and 5 months and am enjoying life here. German was a tough language to learn but I’m doing quite well with it and my studies are entirely in German too! This country is not like Australia with it’s multiculturalism. Although there is a variety of cultures here, newspapers, magazines and programs on TV are all in German, so in that way, it’s easy to immerse yourself in the culture!

In the future I’ll be posting here about my travels and experiences in Germany and pretty much anything else I find interesting. Stay tuned!

Coming up on KOKSTARS

Shaun: I’ve just had a chat with Justin and we should be staring down the barrel of a game review this week for the long term run of Borderlands 2. If you don’t know what that is well we have Cars and Travel for you, if you do know what that is well all i can say is games for gamers and a review by a gamer (so possible profanity, lots of internet meme tie-ins and a review of some sort in the background). Prepare to be 1337 h4x0r3d or something.

Kokstars… In the beginning

Shaun: Hi and welcome to the first post on our shiny new blog. What we aim to do is bring the ideas and lives of 3 siblings in 2 completely separate parts of the world with 1 vision to the world via our brand “Kokstars”. We’ll be blogging on Travel, Cars and Games as well as all sorts of stuff in between for your reading and viewing pleasure. Expect pictures some videos and the occasional stack of words to compliment them nicely.

Eventually there will be a brand with merchandise and I can’t wait to get my hands filthy in that stuff. Oh yeah I am the car guy so here’s a bit of shameless self whoring… and what a lovely day it was.


If you are reading this you are witnessing the first step, stay tuned, we have loads more to share with you.