I am so smart S.M.R.T: Moto 360 smatwatch impressions

Moto360_Macro_alt1_with text

Oh yes… it is indeed

For some time now Motorola has been tantalising tastebuds for smartwatch thoughts with their triumphant touting of the typical square form factor. Square smart watches are so passe, none of them appealed to me, I mean I was doing the square touch screen thingo on the wrist thing in 2010. I was the guy with the iPod Nano secured with a black metal bracelet that was both protector and watch band for the iPod, it was on my wrist and everything. I could tell I looked really cool with this touchscreen device on my wrist and everyone asked what it was. I was a man before my time.

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Motorbike Diaries: New Levers… and other stuff

I have been absent recently from the blog and for that I apologise up front. Honestly I love writing when something happens and recently not a lot has been going on… except that isn’t true because plenty has happened and I have just not been actively thinking on it. I purchased my first baby present for the new addition (due December) to my buddy’s new family. The gift in this case is in delivery mode from Apple and is a Withings Baby Monitor.


It plays lullabies and is a night light, room temperature and humidity sensor and a camera streaming to your iPhone or Android device.

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Sleep is for those who don’t read NoSleep

I have had somewhat of an obsession with the writings of subreddit /NoSleep. If you know are an avid reader of this subreddit you already know how fascinating the stories can be. For the most part the stories are basically horror or thriller-horror with fantastic twists in the plot that you didn’t see coming. The genius is that the OP or original poster has approximately 600 odd words to:
a) drag you into their world
b) tell and engrossing story
c) scare you and/or creep you the heck out

That isn’t easy so OPs tend to extend the story, releasing their 600 word intro then updates each in 600 word blocks. The great thing is that a rule of the subreddit is that all stories are to be treated as true and everyone commenting is to remain a believer and comment as one (unbelievers are removed).

I aim to absorb as much of the best of /NoSleep by way of reading the monthly contest winner which I wait patiently for each month yet I absolutely dislike watching horror movies. I can’t stand being force-fed jump-scares or gory imagery. I don’t want to be made to be scared like that and yet I really like reading /NoSleep and I am not sure why.

This week has been sort of slow so I decided to grab something hot from the pages of /NoSleep to grab my attention. I found upon this:


Written by Reddit user The_Dalek_Emperor it’s a story about two good friends and a haunted room in a college dorm, any more than that and I might spoil the fun. Haunted room stories are not exactly uncommon however I love the pacing, great characters and the fact that the OP wrote the entire story throwing character limits to the wind. You find yourself at the end breathless and feeling for the characters, though it’s a long ride to the bottom I enjoyed every word.

One of the first stories I read that convinced me that I had found a new home for satisfying some scary itches was about Netflix and being able to watch your friends:


I don’t know what it was exactly about this 4 part post that made it so engrossing it made me feel part of the action like I was right there. The gist of this one is the title, if that isn’t freaky I think you and I should stop talking.

Really though to make your life easier so you can get all the best stuff in one place checkout:


I am finding that increasingly I would start a story reading it like I was narrating it, half in my head and half audibly like I was simulating an audiobook and it has recently re-ignited a desire to do voice work. A long time ago when I had an agent I went for voice coaching sessions in Crows Nest (north of Sydney) and I found I had an innate talent for complicated medical words in what seems like a voice sample for a corporate release. Other than that I was not that good especially with sensual radio commercials for jewellery. I think it’s time to dust off the old voicebox and give it another try again, possibly for the No Sleep Podcast, wish me luck.


Oz Comic Con 2014: Popping the Cherry

Hello, my name is Shaun and I am a closet comic book fan. Why is that, maybe because I took an immediate shining to imagery, chasing stuff by Jim Lee, Michael Turner, John Romita Jr, Frank Miller, Greg Horn, Joe Quesada or Bryan Hitch to name a few. A lot of that was mainly due to aesthetics, the comic was usually a good read because top talent more often than not is paired with great writers like Mark Millar or Jeph Loeb but I reveled in the beauty of the frames and intricate detail the penciller puts into each scene, they were never lazy or ambiguous, always fully realising shots of a moment in time.
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Google Cardboard: Virtual reality and changing our way to work and play

I am a fan of immersion in gaming and movies and whatever else is an experience you can have without actually being in danger or within grasp of the elements etc. I wrote an article some while back about ASMR and how binaural ASMR recorded with 3D stereoscopic mics make for a surreal yet relaxing experience. Now to visuals, the battle for your loungeroom wall is an epic one and with the latest from the big brands vying to blow you away with their 4K resolutions on massive screens. Even though I am a fan of many inches… of screen real estate you still can’t sit that close to the screen and when you sit where you usually sit the whole affair is not much larger in perspective than my Macbook is sitting on my lap. This whole screen size thing is going to get silly, soon enough they’ll paint your wall with some liquid screen stuff hooked into a media controller and you will watch the wall. That or you will be able to purchase rolled up LED/LCD wallpaper that when applied to any surface or framed will be the screen. Basically really big TVs with virtually limitless possibilities with screen size and application.

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Wise men and their two-wheeled implements

It all started with a test message from a longtime friend “Want to go for a ride?” received at 11:05am on a Saturday. If the message had originated with a comely friend who didn’t own a bike then this message would have meant something different but alas it did not.


I thought to myself all I have done so far is get up at a stately 10:10am and brushed my teeth picked up some fruit and thought “eeeeuuuch” never again have apple just after brushing. There was the text highlighted in yellow because texts from everyone are yellow and my texts in the conversation are blue on the Samsung Galaxy S4. And like the colour so did my outlook on the rest of the day look, much brighter and all the better for it (because contrast from black text to yellow backgrou- ok this isn’t the point).
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Experimental Kitchen: Nigiri Sushi

I like loads of different kinds of food. I hanker after a good burger, drool over juicy steaks, go all hedonist with tasty dumplings, jump amazing heights for really good bacon, do your washing and cleaning too for divine cheeses. I also absolutely love sushi so whenever I need a fallback for something other than sushi I just go get some sushi because no matter the time of day and to give me the most realistic illusion of healthy eating I simply pop down to my local sushi shop and buy a bunch of sashimi, salmon sushi, nigiri of different sorts and pop the old anti-histamine and have some soft shell crab if they have it. When I’m on trips for the office I like to eat like this because it’s familiar and reminds me of home, as well as sating my love of simplicity.

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