Selling your car online?

Unfortunately I need to sell my car, the 1M has been in the family for 8 months now and it’s been fantastic. So to selling it online at

I wonder about the way people do that. What do you say, how do you portray the condition of the car and the important stuff. So I was browsing and checked out what I thought was important in a car ad:

1. Please don’t CAPITALIZE every letter: Capital letters are akin to shouting, when you shout at people they don’t respond well. Also your description just became diabolical to read because humans use shapes of words as much if not more than the spelling to scan the sentence you just laid out.

2. Be Honest: Did you track your car? If you did well it just wore out a bunch of parts like tyres/suspension/brakes/filters etc. Maybe you just passed that problem to some unlucky sod… now the reputation of that make just got tarnished, congratulations. Alternatively if you’re a granny on the road that generally works in your favour, mechanically anyway.

3. Take photos: It happens, you scour carsales for that particular Mazda MX-5 (Miata to most of the world). It’s white and by some miracle the keyword match is showing “Work Equip”, “Lowered” and by some miracle “Rotary” with 1 result. Oh Shi- this could be messy… for me. Your finger clicks “Search” and the result is a posting with “No picture available”… W…T…F. Just don’t bother unless you have pictures of your car, as they say “Pics or it didn’t happen”. This brings us to the next point…

4. Take good quality pictures: Good light which is morning or afternoon, midday is washed out. Find a nice park somewhere and snap some good shots (3/4 front/back, interior, dash, damage).

5. Wash your car: it’s a bit silly posting pics of your week old dirt that somehow has a car attached to it. “Looks a bit like the kind of crap you get from a week of rain and road dirt… oh and the silver M3 attached to it is alright too”

The rest is up to your sense of humour or creativity. If you have pointers share them!

Oh yeah and before I forget we are off to Singapore! The Kokstars will be united again and we’re going to be bringing our thoughts and experiences to you from the same place!

Can’t wait!

Seasons Greetings and a Happy New Year.


A Question about fitment

I am no expert but i always wondered how all those BMW 3 series owners got M car wheels fitted. Well I had first hand experience when I offered my Giovanna Monza’s to my uncle to try out on his 2012 BMW 328i.

Looks pretty good right?:

Oooh good!

That’s 20×10 designed to fit into a 1 series M coupe or M3 or M5. I think it looks wicked then you catch a side profile:


At this point i am sold, it must stay there but alas were Asian and rather conservative so that which works with the euro tuner scene is not really how… we… roll.

So there you have it, you’re going to have to grind something down or in-board your brake discs if you want to get those puppies right in there, looking at the arch space it didn’t seem like there was much more space to go in anymore.

I just realised I didn’t get any further with the question about fitment, how do they do it? I don’t know… I am so sorry… I have wasted your time.

Kokstars… In the beginning

Shaun: Hi and welcome to the first post on our shiny new blog. What we aim to do is bring the ideas and lives of 3 siblings in 2 completely separate parts of the world with 1 vision to the world via our brand “Kokstars”. We’ll be blogging on Travel, Cars and Games as well as all sorts of stuff in between for your reading and viewing pleasure. Expect pictures some videos and the occasional stack of words to compliment them nicely.

Eventually there will be a brand with merchandise and I can’t wait to get my hands filthy in that stuff. Oh yeah I am the car guy so here’s a bit of shameless self whoring… and what a lovely day it was.


If you are reading this you are witnessing the first step, stay tuned, we have loads more to share with you.