Another year over…

Yep, another year (almost) over and we’ve done, seen and learned lots. We’ve been blogging collectively for just over a year now (zomg nobody posted about our one year anniversary on Nov 10th! Anyway, to cover that here’s my insight into that topic: cool!) and so much has been going on with our travels and experiences as well as cars, movies, games and food!

Speaking of food, I mentioned that we were having a Christmas dinner on the 24th (the 24th is regarded the official first day of Christmas here and presents are unwrapped on the evening of the 24th). I love Christmas dinner in Germany because at least in this family it means one thing: Raclette. Think meat, onions, vegetables, anything covered in smouldering cheese. Delish!

I kind of got too excited and ate before taking pictures so you’ll have to excuse the lack of deliciousness. You can trust me though, it’s good! Here’s an idea of what it’s like:

Raclette: Cheesy goodness

Raclette: Cheesy goodness

Basically it’s like teppenyaki/grill on the top and underneath you fill up a little paddle with goodness and put thick slices of Raclette cheese on top of it and leave it there until it’s nice and gooey and perhaps a bit crispy on top. In the meantime, you don’t have to wait unfulfilled because you can grill and eat meats and vegetables on top. It keeps you busy and satisfied.

This is what it looked like at the end:

Raclette: the aftermath

Raclette: the aftermath

The next day we visited a friend of ours and she had prepared a nice roast with what can be described as potato dumplings (Kartoffelkn√∂del) only without any filling and plenty of sauce…just the way the Swabians (southern Germans) like it!

Pork roast

Pork roast

And just to round out the post with some more food, we had cheese fondue recently and dipped mushrooms, zucchini, broccoli and baguette pieces into it. Not a bad idea!

Cheese fondue

Cheese fondue

My summation: Germans love their cheese especially around Christmastime! Then again, it’s pretty darn good.

Here’s to 2014 and all the new travels, experiences, cars, movies, games and food it will bring! I will be setting off fireworks I bought here so I’m looking forward to that. See you next year, y’all!


The year of Kokstars

Hi Everyone,

I’d like to start the end of the year as if we’ve been in conversation already, because it’s been rather one-sided and I tend to be the talker in this relationship anyway. Wow what a year it’s been and our first year as a blog stemming from an idea stuck in our unique collective heads for some time now. I think it’s been a great year and I thank you for joining Stephanie, Justin and I for what was and still is our creative outlet, a place we can call home on the internet and somewhere where our thoughts run a little more rampant.

I haven’t been that active lately and that would be down to one very big game which I might add is not 100% complete yet everyone is playing it ragged. As a christmas present to everyone on GTA Online, they made it snow:

0_0 Snow

Fading light over the mountains at the end of Christmas

0_0 Vespucci

The view of Vespucci Beach covered in snow. It was approx 25 degrees celsius here in Sydney so to see this was refreshing.

0_0 Vinewood

The Vinewood sign in winter, look mum I’m famous!

0_0 Boulevard

Getting around town in the snow in a convertible, because earmuffs are fun.

0_0 Chilliad

My Sandking on the top of Mt. Chilliad, loving the lighting.

All in all it’s been great writing for you this year. I hope Christmas was as good as you hoped it would be and that the new year brings new exciting things to you and your friends and family.