AllStars: Stance-off

The AllStars crew have put on another gathering of like-minded car aficionados. This time the key was “Stance”.

Not political, it’s about how your car sits. Does it sit like it’s got a stilt up it’s keister or does it sit like it’s taking a dump on the pavement? If you said “hell yeah” to the second option then you belong in the stanced crowd and you should have brought your car down like these people.

Click the images for Hi-Res


Toyota Aristo, VIP style, I don’t see much of this in Sydney. Makes sense because this dude had Victoria plates.


Not alone, that’s for sure, much more hotness here


Something so right about E30 Bimmers, this one was very clean, love the wheels, must take around an hour to wash those… each.


On another BMW – I am a fan of the marque, please enjoy this wallpaper


Chunky looking 350z. Work Meisters are my personal favourite


Nismo wheels on this very sorted looking S15, you know they’re serious when they carry spares… for punctures of course.


Tasty fitment


The Zen Garage stand and rides of the Capozzi kind.


This S15 had something to say…


…Worked much?
S15: I just met you and this is crazy but here’s my number so call me maybe.


Panorama of the “B side”. If your car doesn’t officially qualify for “super stance” then you parked here as hard as you could. Having said that some cars here were pretty awesome.


86 sitting nicely, good fitment.


Cable ties and steelies, why…


… because Race Car that’s why and I love this.


This S13 looks like it comes straight from the Touge runs in Japan. Take a look at the dish on the rims.


That’s deep


We know you do honey


The “A side”


MPS with SSR Professors, it’s just the right wheel for virtually any application. Love that Thule roof rack.


This was on the MPS so I made a wallpaper for it. Owner must be picky and sick of the scraping


No school like the old school Work Meisters. 5 spokes is enough, clean Civic too.


I like a good E30, this one is a regular and the stickers are great. I dunno about dialling Tracy Grimshaw on a phone though


My Dad had the 4-Door version of this car. You know 4-doors for more…


Old Corolla, on the back it had a “ToyoGlide” badge. I love the stance too


Great day all around, warm enough and very clear, we get pretty good weather around here


There are alternate views on what car mods mean. Did you know you can get that rust going with pee? mightycarmods told me so.


BMR crew out with their very vivid E90 3-Series. Orange is kewl


I like your Enkeis, your cars are pretty cool too. Simple is best. You can make most cars look even better with some really nice wheels, these guys know it


We don’t speak engrish


Work Meisters: Flexible application, don’t matter what you drive. I’m just glad either of them aren’t on Dolce’s because I have seen that before and it’s… not good.


We were leaving around lunch time and some low riders were coming through, caught one in the act. Shadows didn’t help us but now it’s all nostalgic like those instagram photos. So pretty… the picture. The dudes were like tough and balling or something, hopefully not blue-balling.


Tidy 80’s Corolla, these things are coming back, it’s like Datsun 510 all over again.


Even the AllStars ez-go got stance so you don’t have any excuse not to. Sergio one of the masters of ceremony showing us how they do it, AllStars style


Thanks guys, nice showing and keep it up.


AllStars – EuroFest

Hey Carfans, i braved the heat for just a while to checkout the goodness at Silverwater Park with the flyboys from AllStars. Granted I did arrive a touch late with a large bunch of Golf’s taking off from the scene when I got there (maybe they heard a rumour about the 1M making an appearance and decided that it was just too much). Even with that small exodus i got us some pics so please enjoy:

ImageI like red cars, especially if they look like this, like that Golf, man that is hot.

That is low enough thank you

Sweet – Owner is Female, must get pointers on how low life goes…  maybe number too?

Ever since Jeremy Clarkson had his words on this car it’s been the power mad’s whip of choice, this one looks extra gnarly, I like it more than the standard poser-mobiles.

MK2 is a pretty standard affair, not quite as cool as the MK1 but this one is special, and I love the retro euro wheels or wherever he got that.

The Alfa-Romeo Giulia Sprint: Oh lordy, I’d have mine in red with original steelies and that 4 leaf clover badge on the front quarter panel.

I approve of this Audi A1 very much, so much that there is another pic of it’s behind below

Mmm – that is some sorted A1, great stance.

I heard Prince Albert of Monaco has one of these, should ask him if he wants to sell.

Tidy Audi S3

All in the (Volkswagen Group) family

It’s been a few months since I last saw this car at the 1M coffee and cars meet, the wheels are looking tough

Looking good, ladies.

Borbet wheels, why u no make 19×10 for my car? Classic case of want but cannot have, all the best Golf owner, I like those wheels very much.

Evo E30 M3 in left-hand-drive… and it’s for SALE! Think Mercedes thoughts think Mercedes thoughts!

The AllStars crew have once again pulled off a successful show. Eurofans from all over the east coast flocked to the gathering with some interesting/exotic/funky and tricked out rides. Inspiration and a little envy were everywhere. Come down to checkout the show next time you’re around… and happen to be here when the show is on.