Top 4 games we want to play in 2015: Steph’s picks

Happy New Year everyone! We at Kokstars are ringing in 2015 by sharing the games we are looking forward to with you.

Resident Evil: Revelations II

Resident Evil Revelations 2

I never used to play horror games but I enjoy Resident Evil because we can play it co-op. Chronologically this game takes place between Resident Evil 5 and 6. I still won’t watch zombie movies (unless it’s like Zombieland) but now I like playing zombie games because at least you can kill them.

Coming to PC, PS3, PS4, Xbox 360 and Xbox One in early 2015

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It was a real help in Paris!

Favourite Five: Apps by Steph

Ok so now I’m up with my favourite five apps.

Where my family at?

Where my family at?

1. Friend Locator by Life360 (or Family Locator)

It sounds a bit creepy, but with this app, you can keep track of others. The good thing is, however, that the other people need to first register, otherwise they cannot be tracked. They can then check in whenever they want and there are lots of settings that you can alter to make sure that your location is not constantly tracked. You can create ‘circles’ or groups of people who can all see each other and you can send messages to the other members as well. Another weird thing is that you can find any crimes/sexual criminals in the area – they show up as small dots. Interesting stuff and questionable, but still a useful app! You may want to turn off the email notifications though, as these can get a bit annoying.

Get it from the Play Store || Get it from the App Store

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My Favourite Apps: Late edition

It’s Fridaaaaaaay! And what better way to celebrate than get all personal with the apps you love. I admit I don’t really pay much attention to the productivity stuff and mainly focus on a very select bunch of games and productivity killing apps to stave off boredom when you’ve nothing to do and a whole lot of time away from your Playstation/PC/desk/home etc. there are some interesting ones though so bear with me:

(If you are an iPhone user, some may still apply though I am an Android user so I don’t have limitations)

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Tickle to snooze!

Favourite Five: Apps

We’ve got a new series for you where we will tell you about our five favourite things. First up, it’s our five favourite apps, whether it’s for Android, iOS or Mac (or more than one). Enjoy!

1. Wunderlist

Wunderlist is a very useful app that allows you to create and share lists, for example, shopping- or todo-lists. It works on Android, iOS and Mac. The best feature is, that everyone you share the list with can add items to it as well as “cross off” entries. Continue reading

I am so smart S.M.R.T: Moto 360 smatwatch impressions

Moto360_Macro_alt1_with text

Oh yes… it is indeed

For some time now Motorola has been tantalising tastebuds for smartwatch thoughts with their triumphant touting of the typical square form factor. Square smart watches are so passe, none of them appealed to me, I mean I was doing the square touch screen thingo on the wrist thing in 2010. I was the guy with the iPod Nano secured with a black metal bracelet that was both protector and watch band for the iPod, it was on my wrist and everything. I could tell I looked really cool with this touchscreen device on my wrist and everyone asked what it was. I was a man before my time.

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Phone Gaming Roundup: Major Mayhem, do I enjoy?

MM Logo

Look at him, all mayhem-tacular, that gun isn’t worth half a shi- but nice teeth huh?

Major Mayhem is a side scrolling 3rd person rail shooter from Adult Swim Games and Rocket Jump Studios. It’s in a similar vein to the typical arcade shooter… except without the light guns… and feedback… and did I mention it’s not first person like Time Crisis, oh and there isn’t a pedal so you can get out of cover or reload in cover… apart from that exactly the same as Virtua Cop, or whatever.

The gameplay is simple, you’re Major Mayhem and you either run and get to cover and then tap the screen on the baddies to shoot or sometimes you are running for a segment and there is no cover but you must still shoot or jump. There are times when you can’t really gauge if you should have jumped or you shoot too late and your shot was way off as you ran, it’s complicated, I know.


You’re right Mr. Kinda-Evil President, and I happen to be the right man for the job

The story is that your president needs you to kill a bunch of stereotypical baddies i.e. dudes in turbans, ninjas, secret agents, riot police, a bear and a pair of chihuahuas, wait did I say stereotypical? By the way the bad guy has your girlfriend and who knows what he is doing to her right now.


It came up in the google search and I got sidetracked… pic is IRRELEVANT but so is smut and how often are you looking at that on Yeah, I THOUGHT so.

So like the good mercenary you are you get through killing everyone except the scientists because scientists are always innocent and they give you armour bonuses when you deplete it or coins when you are so good you don’t even need fresh armour (you 1337 gamer you). Of course the idea is to get coins to buy new weapons like a minigun (ooooh) or a rocket launcher (more oooooh). Protip: just save 5K and buy the auto sniper, you’ll thank me later.

I picked up the game hoping to wile away minutes between doing things so I gave it a go for a day or two before I decided that the initial gun (a 9mm pistol of sorts) was very slow and I found myself dead very many times. This annoyed me so I kept playing and dying early on in the story until I got my auto sniper and now nothing, including those pesky Chihuahuas in tanks can stop me.

The graphics are good and smooth with really fore, back and mid ground items popping up out of their hiding spots, it does what it sets out to do on a mobile platform.

MM OverKill

There’s no kill like… man there’s a good line in there somewhere. Oh yeah HAT-Kill! Wait no.

All in all and once you get the hang of the pace of the game you start playing better and before you know it minutes become large blocks of minutes by which time you battery is 1/4 down and for some reason your phone heats up like it’s been in the microwave which is both a good and bad thing.

Graphics: 9/10 – they look good and run smooth, that might be because you aren’t really controlling the action, but purpose people, purpose.
Story: 6/10 – It’s an update of the Mario Bros kind of story where you kill everything and stuff blows up and then you find your girlfriend… right?
Sound: 8/10 – Great soundtrack and effects the gun sounds are OK.
Replayability: 8/10 – You’ll come back to beat your score and get better weapons and collectibles and Outfits! Dress up like Walker Texas Ranger or James Bond on your next mission! The missions are not that varied so that is a little bit of a let down.

Overall: I enjoy. You wanted a score right? lol.

Major Mayhem is available now for FREE on the Google Play Store and iPhone App Store.