Treehouse apartment with breakfast? Yes, please!

Easter, bunnies and other animals

How was your Easter? We had a busy, but relaxing four days and are looking forward to another four-day long weekend next week (Thursday May 1st is ‘May Day’ and Michael also took Friday off)!

Prepping the table for Easter lunch...bunnies galore!

Prepping the table for Easter lunch…bunnies galore!

It kicked off on Thursday evening, as we drove to the countryside to stay over at a friend’s house and then have a fish lunch the next day. Good Friday, or as it is called in Germany, Karfreitag, is a day that is respected in many ways that involve a whole bunch of rules. Of course, we’re in Germany!

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Run Wild

Ok, this is about the last post on our holidays of late. I just thought it would be cool to post about some of the animals that we visited while in Northern Germany.

We visited an animal park called Schwarze Berge, somewhere between Hamburg and Lüneburg and it was lovely. The animals have so much space to really run wild and free and there are parts of the park where you can feed animals and pet them. There were some strange animals to see and the park is quite large, so it’s definitely worth the trip if you happen to be in the area and like animals, or at least to look at them 🙂


Zoo and Botanical Garden? Yes please!

As promised in my previous post, this one contains some images from Stuttgart’s very own Wilhelma.

A couple of these were taken by me, but the majority were taken by Michael.

The Wilhelma is, as the post title reveals, a combination of zoo and botanical garden, making it a very pleasant place to visit especially when the weather is good. This weekend, the weather conditions were optimal for a Wilhelma visit. Though still chilly at about 7 degrees Celcius, the sun was shining and there was only a very light breeze. We spent about 4 hours there with some of our good friends and the resulting images attest to the magnificence of the Wilhelma.

Do enjoy!