Battlefield 4 my view so far

Ok so if you know me well you will know that to me this is one of the biggest releases all year, yes GTA V is huge but Battlefield 4 has been the talking point for me and my friends since the announcement back in July 2012.



So how has the release been, not as bad as some other titles with most of the guys in my squad over the last 4+ hours its been rather smooth just a few issues with servers or some load-out issues weapons not spawning, menu issues the list is relatively short but my list goes a bit longer.

– load times are HUGE! some times ill get in to the round 1/4 of the way thru just because of loading

– Game crashes frequently and randomly as well

– Maps not rendering properly i’ve fallen thru the map once but still

In summary it’s smooth but not for all hopefully they patch it soon because just like battlefield 3 it had issues but by the end it was fixed.

But on the brighter side of things the map design and layout is near perfect, maps like Siege on Shanghai, Paracel storm and Hainan Resort have allowed for Jaw Dropping moments like the first time the storm rolls in and causes chaos when this is heavy rain and machine gun fire are coupled it can get quite daunting for those who are new but seasoned pros cakewalk

I will not give a score for the Multiplayer as i haven’t played enough and a score would have to be changed every time a patch comes out.



Ok now some people have trashed the singleplayer calling it “Mediocre” or “lacklustre” but its not half bad for this kind of shooter if people were expecting Bioshock infinite or Uncharted they were severely misled or expects to much from a franchise which gets its replay ability from its Multiplayer however it is a step up from its predecessor Battlefield 3 which had a singleplayer that was forgettable.

The characters are more memorable then the last and have a better feel about them i remember their names and what their feelings were toward the high impact decisions that they made. For instance in the early shanghai mission as Irish calls out to the nearby civilian boats shouting “Follow us we’ll get you to safety” a feeling of admiration and a near tear-jerking moment happened, because don’t we all want to save everyone we can I know that Mass effect 3 pulled at this same string. These serious moments are coupled but some humour which is reminiscent of Battlefield Bad company 2.

Their are still issues obviously some of the dialogue seems to have been glossed over and this in turn effected the over all story with a few issues here and their and on top of this chunks of levels don’t load and after restarting from checkpoint more issues arise.

In Summary its not a brilliant storyline but its not as mindless as something like Serious Sam but it does touch on the Hard decisions that have to be made by operators dropped in to hostile situations.

For the singleplayer alone i’m giving it a 7.8/10. But as i’ve said earlier this game isn’t made for its singleplayer its made to be the Earth shattering, grenade spamming Hulk of a multiplayer and it does it well.


Gaming News Best of E3 2013

It’s been nearly 2 weeks since E3 but with assessments im only finding time now so here it goes

Sony FTW


Rev3 Games did a great coverage on the Ps4 but heres the low down The Ps4 was shown off its $399 or $100 cheaper then the Xbox One, they showed off new games and I will cover those later. Click HERE for the Rev3 coverage. As with all consoles I dont belve that we here at Kokstars will get one straight away because we are primarily PC gamers but it would be great to see one or both some time in the future.

Game Trailers

There are a tone of new trailers that came with E3 so here is my top 10 it was a very hard choice from all of E3 there are a few games like kingdom hearts that look cool but im not excited because i didn’t play the originals. Please dont kill me.

#10 Wolfenstein The new order


This game looks great and from what I’ve heard its a kick back to old style shooters. You can see it HERE

#9 Trials Fusion


This announcement trailer features both of the upcoming Trials games one of Console and one on iOS it looks great and I know that Shaun loves Trials Evolution. You can see it HERE

#8 The Order 1886


Now did I see this anywhere before E3…. No but it is being developed by santa Monica studios and what is it about who knows but it looks like a 4 player Co-op game with werewolves or zombies or vampires i dont know but people have fancy names like galahan so awesome im in. Check it HERE

#7 Batman Arkham Origins


Now if you know my old stuff  i have been talking about this game for freaking ages and here it is it shows a younger and darker batman before Arkham Asylum. You can see it HERE

#6 The Bureau XCOM Declassified


Well they showed off the same trailer as they did before but its great all top secretie and classified shiz so once again HERE

#5 The Crew


I’ve been skeptical since Test drive unlimited 2 about open world multiplayer drivers but if Ivory tower get it right The Crew will be a big hit at Kokstars. Check out the Gameplay HERE

#4 The Division


Ok now the last Tom Clancy ghost recon was a let down but this looks amazing hopefully its execution will be as good as the presentation it is multiplayer so those voices are people not voice actors check it HERE. But if you are confused about the story HERE

#3  Watch_Dogs


WATCH_DOGS man I so want this so bad they just keep teasing and teasing gimi now so I may plays it. And if you dont believe me watch this Gameplay or this Trailer

#2 Saints Row 4


OMGWTF YEAAAAAAAAAAA I WANT IT NOW!!!! but thats my view check it out for your self HERE

#1 Battlefield 4


And now a game that has made me so excited that i have brown pants just thinking about it battlefield 4 HERE is the best moments from some gameplay that happend at E3.

So what was your number 1 at E3


Gaming news

Now yes the xbox was reviled today and yes its all very exciting but shaun has covered all that needs to be said about the actual console and now its time for those lovely exclusives.


microsoft studios will be publishing 15+games just for the Xbox one


1. we have Forza Motorsport 5 which looks absolutely awesome as it features a mclaren P1 and a and its older brother the F1 racing around what looks to be Italy in a fast and epic way but how dare they scratch the P1

you can see it HERE 


2. we have a game which i have never heard of called Quantum break now the trailer is a bit confusing but im going to take a shot in saying its a cop game where the hero can slowdown time to analyse the crime of rewind time or something like that.

You can see it HERE

now we havent heard anything about the other 13+ games that will be released but I will keep you guys up to date

the following games are not exclusives but are now on the list for the Xbox One

-Battlefield 4

-Thief 4

-Assassins Creed 4


now we move along to well more trailers

Batman Arkham Origins Full trailer


Now i do love me my comic books and it goes without saying i love batman so here is the extended trailer from the first teaser that we saw. It looks better every time and we see more then just batman and deathstroke so i have kinda put together what I think its going to be Black mask has put either a bounty on batman’s head or hes hired mercenaries to kill hime either way m going to say that this isn’t the last time we see deathstroke and deadshot. There is a little hint that we may run into a fellow hero maybe Green Arrow…?

You can see it HERE

Hardware Shipbreakers


A supposedly 3D RTS  revolutioniser showed off a story for baserunner which is a 6 wheeled moster that looks like it conquer the dakar with no issues theses mosters were the building point for a war and is i think either a mobile base or the work horse that we build from gathering and mining resources but it looks pretty and i hope its awesome cos I love space stuff and it will be great to have a RTS that I wont be swamped by a south korean.

You can see it HERE

Shadow Warrior


Now I dont know much about this game but its a reboot of a 1997 game developed by Flying wild hog but it eliminated the multi-player aspects and will avoid racial stereotyping and misogyn. but the teaser is a bit mysterious other then the slaughter of some gards and the japanese theme.

You can see it HERE 

Call of Duty Ghosts


Great another COD game im no fan of the COD series and its not something I hide, when i see some 12 year old wearing a COD shirt I always just want to burn it but they seem to have struck gold in the repetition of gameplay and half arising a story on it as well but they may have actually put some effort in to this one oh wait ive heard the name ghosts some where…. where was it umm…. oh thats right Ghost Recon so

you can see the trailer HERE if you want…. to be lame. And loose all respect from me.

More Batman stuff

 At the Dallas Comic-Con we found out the guy who does the Ezio voice will be voicing Bats.

But this is not the big news, screenshot a tweet from Conroy stated


WHAAAAAAAAA….. obviously he wasent supposed to let the Bat out of the bag but now we know that there is another Arkham game in development and we got our batman back probably by the real Arkham developers, Rocksteady Studios it was unthinkable that the rest of the Arkham games would be developed by anyone other then Rocksteady. Thank you Kevin you have given us all hope again



We got some screen shots that reveal more characters its more batman being all sneaky and rape-e and you can see them on the inside gaming flickr HERE