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What is in the cube?


Designer of the Populous game Peter Molyneux and his studio 22 cans released a game called “Curiosity: What’s inside the Cube” which left hundreds of thousands of gamers furiously tapping the way to the middle now the Shaun and I were some of these people. Only one can win and he or she will receive a “Life Changing” something.

SO it seems that with all the tapping going on, one luck gamer in Edinburgh, Scotland by the name of Bryan Henderson has reached the middle and he got THIS video to celebrate his accomplishment from Molyneux himself.

So what does he get from all that tapping well he gets to create the rules for Godus, (a game that Peter kickstarted back in december) and he gets a percentage of any money Godus makes…….

Shit I should have kept tapping at that damn cube.

Ps4 Launch for 2013


Last week the Xbox One was revealed, and now we see the advertisement  for the PS4.

So the PS4 will hit the European stores in 2013, that means we are going to have a two console release WORLDWIDE  thats one busy week.

On a post from Joystiq regarded that the PS3 was delayed in Europe when it was launched. so Playstation Europe gave a statement after some enquiry was made about their AD

“We announced at the PlayStation Meeting event on February 20 that [the] PS4 would be coming in 2013… the adverts are simply re-stating that message. More information about [the] PS4 and all PlayStation platforms will be announced at E3.”

So…. with E3 just around the corner we should be getting a full picture of what players will be made legends on.

Wolfenstein: The New Order Video Preview


Check out some of the comedic over the top style that MachineGames have brought to the Wolfenstein world you can watch it HERE

Borderlands Tiny Tina’s Assault on Dragons Keep


We have some game play for the new DLC for borderlands that will have lots of references to the borderlands 2 campaign and hours of comedy waiting to be unleashed late June. You can watch it HERE

So What do you want out of E3?


Borderland 2 OMG SPOOGE

Justin: Me and Shaun for the past month or so have been playing borderlands 2 with friends and we have loved every moment of it

Set 5 years after the original borderlands the over confident Handsome Jack has taken over Hyperion and has erected a totalitarian like rule over the people of Pandora its obvious that this guy has to be the bad guys and your right he is, jack as he is one of the main protagonists he has lots of dialog which weirdly enough got some chuckles out of me “Hey how – Oh these pretzels suck- so how’s your day been buddy? We haven’t talked since I left you in for dead. Hey, you think you’ll freeze to death out there? Nah, probably not. The bandits’ll get you first my day? It’s been pretty good. I just bought a pony made of diamonds, yeah, because I’m rich. So, you know, that’s cool Kay bye!” The previously playable characters from the original borderland return as NPCs and are there to see this story through.

Along with the returning cast of old NPCs Scooter, CL4P-TP, and Angel there are a huge variety of hey NPCs which will grow on you as the game progresses

The art style from the last borderlands has returned and along with the return of the art style there are new locations and SNOW yes snow its no longer just desert and ice the new found locations of Pandora has familiar touches to it like loot… and more loot …and more loot oh yea bad guys to, this all culminates to a great looking game also the new Phys X graphics make the world feel even more inhabitable other then the animals that will want to kill you and the bandits and the evil robots yea I think that’s all of the enemies that want to kill you.

If you are new to Borderlands think RPG crossed with FPS in the best possible way. The games is based mostly on loot with a randomly generated gun system this mean lots of guns, and by a lot I mean 87 gajillion guns yea you think that u got lots of guns in your last game with this huge selection of guns it means that you will find something that you like but will throw it away like last weeks milk, the game is easy to get absorbed in jumping in your car with your buddy’s and blowing up trains, bad guys,pipe lines and so many barrels often you get the most fun out of finding exploits in your enemy’s such as what elemental weakness they have.

The first game was repetitive quests and wasn’t very imaginative but I still had fun and spent countless hours with my friends and family playing.
There are 4 new heroes to play from Axton the commando Maya the siren, Salvador the gunzerker and Zer0 as a ‘Number’ all of these heroes have a back story which comes in the form of ECHOEs which builds some necessary back story for these heroes, there are also ECHOEs for some of the NPCs

The typical thing reaction to the words multiplayer is that of leveling up and unlocking guns for killing your buddy’s but here the game is based on CO-OP which is one of the best parts of the game its not only designed as a primary function but also allows for better loot despite the increase in difficulty when friends join but also more fun can be had when playing with friends, the four playable characters are all designed for CO-OP gameplay for example my siren friend can Phaselock an enemy and I as the Commando can throw down my saber turret, this is great if you have friends to play with sadly we all have run in to ‘assholes’ who steal all the loot and one shot every thing with their level 50 Zer0 but this is solved with private matches the online is a smooth one on release day the game ran as smoothly and has not needed any work.

The weird and crazy world that Gearbox has created has really created a place I want to stay and with 4 new DLC coming out it will be a stay which will be along one the gameplay defies the genre and isn’t just some modern day shooter its good to have a game that when played even with randoms brings everyone together

Coming up on KOKSTARS

Shaun: I’ve just had a chat with Justin and we should be staring down the barrel of a game review this week for the long term run of Borderlands 2. If you don’t know what that is well we have Cars and Travel for you, if you do know what that is well all i can say is games for gamers and a review by a gamer (so possible profanity, lots of internet meme tie-ins and a review of some sort in the background). Prepare to be 1337 h4x0r3d or something.