Summer in the city

Well, it’s official, everything will be crowded with children because school holidays are in full force in Baden-W├╝rttemberg. Not only will the city be full, but all the popular (and even the less popular) travel destinations will be crowded and prices sky high.

This summer we are headed to London for a weekend for a family wedding, which we are all excited about. Besides that, however, we had nothing planned. I decided that this was not ok and even if aren’t keen on throwing money around…well, you know what they say…travel is something that you can buy, that makes you richer.

So, I am busily planning a trip to Paris! Not sure just yet if it’ll work out, but Michael has never been (I know, right? Even the whole Kok family has been there and it’s not even that far from Stuttgart!) and my friend from Sydney will be there for a few days.

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Spring had sprung…

I don’t mean to write about the weather so much, but it’s getting crazy over here!

Just last week we were having great weather, with temperatures over 20 degrees C and today it’s snowing! Well, snow raining.

The sky is back to grey, the cars are covered in an ample layer of white and the garden is starting to look like a winter wonderland. This, all in spring.

Here’s proof:

This morning

This morning

About two hours later...

About two hours later…

Definitely looking forward to the summer holidays…we’re thinking…Croatia?

Also, a BIG HAPPY BIRTHDAY to our dad. Hope you guys enjoyed those dumplings!!!