Usually I get creative with titles but this time around there is nothing much to say except “Dumplings!” because what more could you want when the meal itself is made up mainly of these smallish parcels of crispy, juicy meaty delightfulness. For the uninformed the humble dumpling is a wheat based pastry dough flattened to the size of a coaster that is carefully enclosed around a filling made of chicken or pork mince with egg, chinese cabbage or pak-choi (literally white vegetable) some salt and pepper. Really the whole idea is quite simple however the execution requires time to make the lot and then to cook it properly. We could embellish our dumplings with other fancy stuff like shiitake mushrooms or prawns or some fancier vegetables and maybe spices however basic flavours are best as you can vary the amount of ginger and dipping sauce you put on top to change the flavour to suit. Continue reading

Treehouse apartment with breakfast? Yes, please!

Easter, bunnies and other animals

How was your Easter? We had a busy, but relaxing four days and are looking forward to another four-day long weekend next week (Thursday May 1st is ‘May Day’ and Michael also took Friday off)!

Prepping the table for Easter lunch...bunnies galore!

Prepping the table for Easter lunch…bunnies galore!

It kicked off on Thursday evening, as we drove to the countryside to stay over at a friend’s house and then have a fish lunch the next day. Good Friday, or as it is called in Germany, Karfreitag, is a day that is respected in many ways that involve a whole bunch of rules. Of course, we’re in Germany!

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Down Town Sydney Town: Part Two

In my last post I reported about the first five days of our trip. The food, the friends and family and the wedding. But there was more…

Day 6: Movie day. When you have a huge tv that has a 3D funktion, comfy couches and a great sound system, you would too. We invited the cousins over, watched a couple of action films and in between had some Domino’s pizza. It really is the little things that one misses when you’ve moved out of home and so far away, too.

At night, we met up with my school friends at Mizuya (Japanese Restaurant/Karaoke Bar) and had dinner, minus the karaoke. Michael had his first sticker-photo-booth-experience and enjoyed it. Here’s us being super Asian:

Sticker booth photo fun!

Sticker booth photo fun!

Afterwards we headed off to the Opera House to take some night shots and were pleasantly surprised with fireworks (see last picture in my last post).

Day 7: During the day we relaxed and hung out with the family at home and in the evening we met up with my ex-colleagues at Criniti’s at Darling Harbour. Let’s just say we had a lot of pizza.

2 meters of yum

2 meters of yum

Day 8: Mum’s birthday. We went to the unveiling of the Mercedes CLA and it was a funny feeling coming from Stuttgart, the home of Mercedes, to watch an unveiling in Sydney. We also met the sausage guy who was from Hamburg and spoke German with him. It was a nice event but we had no time to lose because mum’s birthday dinner at Ribs n’ Rumps was on afterwards. Still, we couldn’t resist a hot dog, a few pieces of woodfired pizza and a gelato.

My first time at Rn’R but it was a goodie. I shared a Ribs and Rump plate with my dad and just managed to finish it. Here’s us not looking so amused by the bibs:

Ready for some Ribs n' Rumps

Ready for some Ribs n’ Rumps

In the evening we brought out the cake we made for mum’s birthday. Somehow I don’t have a picture of it here but it was delish. It was a Oreo chocolate fudge ice cream cake. Quite easy to make and very heavy. One regular-sized (whatever that is, really) slice is really enough for one person.

Day 9: Our second-last day and we had a little gathering at home and one of the best foods ever. Popiah. It’s like a giant spring roll only you cook the ingredients and just wrap them up in the spring roll pastry and eat it ‘raw’. It’s healthy and oh so good.

Michael wrapping his first ever

Michael wrapping his first ever

Some of the ingredients: chinese sausage, prawns, eggs, finely sliced beans and vegetables, lettuce, bean sprouts, cucumber and sauce

Some of the ingredients: chinese sausage, prawns, eggs, finely sliced beans and vegetables, lettuce, bean sprouts, cucumber, peanuts and sauce

Day 10: Our last day in Sydney and we got ourselves ready, had some Shanghai dumplings with the family in Parramatta and then we were off to the airport for the long journey home.

It was a very, super short holiday but it was so worth it to be home for a bit and to enjoy mum’s fine cooking and to spend time with family and friends. Looking forward to our next time there already! And of course, I’m hungry after writing this post so until next time, keep safe everybody!


Down Town Sydney Town

I realise that although I reviewed British Airways, I didn’t actually report back on our trip to Sydney.

It was a short, jam-packed 10-day trip plus a couple of days flying and even though many said it was almost not worth it, it totally was because it had been about 2.5 years since I’d been back.

We planned our trip based on what food we would eat and on the people we would meet up with.

Day 1: We arrived in the morning and after visiting Shaun at work we headed home and had lunch: Korean noodle soup with pork. Dinner was of course dumplings and man is it good to have home-made dumplings! I am drooling just thinking about them. We didn’t even really have jetlag which was amazing and then eventually it was off to bed after a stress-free day.

Day 2: After some successful shopping at DFO with my parents, we visited my friend who was to be married and had a nice afternoon at her place with her then fiancé and their British Shorthair (cat). In the evening, it was Mamak. Asian food just isn’t the same in Germany, and there is a distinct lack of Singaporean/Malaysian food in Stuttgart.

Breakfast of champions

Breakfast of champions

Day 3: The day of the wedding. Shaun and Justin prepared a gigantic breakfast of chorizo, bacon, eggs, caramelised onions, hash browns and bread. Let’s just say that by the time the wedding dinner rolled around, we still could not eat. Still, it was a good time and I got to meet up with the bride, her husband and a mutual friend of ours who no longer lives in Sydney. She’s Austrian and I spoke to her in German for the first time which totally spun her out!

The bride and groom

The bride and groom

Day 4: We had a party with a few friends, family and our neighbours at home. A feast including chicken curry, noodles, and some other staples in our family. It was a great night organised by our parents and it was nice to meet and hang out over mum’s amazing cooking.

Day 5: Some of this may now be mixed because we had pork belly once at a restaurant and once at home, but I think this is the day that Justin made some home-made pork belly that was delicious but extremely filling.

I think that’s enough to fill your bellies by overloading your eyes for today, so until next time, if you’re going to try these foods…at least give yourself a chance, do this ‘diet’ over a few weeks!

Here’s Sydney welcoming us home:

Oh hai, Sydney!

Oh hai, Sydney!