Movie trailer round up


Fast & Furious 6


first up this week we have Fast & Furious 6 Featurette shows off more of the story line and some little things we didn’t get from the first trailer and you can see it HERE.

Thor the dark world


If you didn’t see one of my recent posts i sliped in the Thor the dark world trailer and you have got to go see it HERE

The Bling Ring


Well I have never seen Emma Watson like this but i didn’t see her coming in “This is the end” so when i saw the trailer for this movie i was amazed it looks great and you can watch it HERE


ZHEN character poster

And lastly we have Grandmasters the story of Ip man the guy who trained Bruce Lee but i think I’ve seen this one wait its called “Ip man” but i cant hate on it….. yet you can watch the seriously corny trailer HERE

Happy Birthday Steph!