Dawn Drivers: Waking up to the smell of octane

Waking up early is something I envision doing when I am well into my fifties and intent on going for a walk to stave off the belly fat. Currently I may have the same issue however I am not waking up early because of laziness. That stops when a private event comes around with the boys and girls from Zen Garage, I kind of skip laziness and go straight to stress… about whether my car is going to be enough to hang with these dudes and their highly modified and very defectable rides.

Strong mocha in belly and I am on the M4 motorway hurtling towards the darkness beyond my windshield, music playing at a medium level with the windows up to stave off the chilly early morning air, it’s 4:55am and I can’t remember the last time I was awake around this time… on a Saturday. Listening intently to my GPS guide and before long I have turned up to a nondescript street in what I think is Leichhardt though I wouldn’t know because this place is alien to me and I don’t know what the fastest way to the cop shop is. I turn into a dark driveway and notice the headlights shining on a far wall at the end of the drive “Zen Garage” it says and instantly I feel relieved, I found the place!

People and their shiny, low and fast tonne and a bit chunks of metal, carbon fibre and polycarbonate turn up. I really felt for the residents of Leichhardt that morning.

After what seemed like 30 minutes the rest of the crew arrived and I got to walk around the garage plus say “hai” to Sergio and his team. I noted a sign that urged respect for neighbours by not playing loud music or revving the engine or doing burnouts… seriously. Around 6am we all headed to the cars and started on the convoy through Leichhardt to Glebe and to the Harbour Bridge revving hard in confined spaces and generally keeping only the most basic semblance of control in high octane guzzling fun-time machines.

As for what happened next you don’t need me your humble narrator, rather pictures that illustrate the moments much better than witty banter:


Waiting at the servo almost immediately after leaving HQ. Time to admire the cars coming for this epic journey


Sergio’s Skyline, dropped lower than a worms winkie


This Odyssey belongs to the Klumps


E30 bimmers are a personal favourite, lovely wheels too


Getting going. 6am and degenerates like us make quick moves


Spit bridge for a quick gather up of the rest of the crew, nice cars abound


Fiat with great stance and a tin opener taken to it. It’s Turbo charged.. you know.


Ok Ok the Focus isn’t exactly low but it is fast and looks like a rally car.. right!?


In good company


That E30 again. My grandpa had a similar vintage 735i in the same colour


This Maloo was loud as in apocalyptically loud.


Great scene


Cool S2000, seems to be the business


Running to Kuringai


A common sight, you overtake and then a Skyline comes raging past


Great car


Not sure if that is legal… aww heck who cares when it looks that good. Full roll cage and everything.


Feels like a touge run in Japan, really just a 2-way in Northern Sydney


Much fuel was burned for the cause that day


Lake side and loving it.


At the end of the run, cars ticking cool. The Focus did admirably


Seems right at home with this lot… I think


A beautiful view to end a great run


Serenity… I will be back for sure

Thanks to the guys at All Stars and Zen Garage for a great morning, I crashed hard after this and slept for ages after getting home safe. See you next time.


Fifteen52: The Tarmac

Hi Everyone, the past few weeks have been full of stuff happening. I have been madly playing Grand Theft Auto Online and I just bought Appt 40 in the Eclipse Towers because it’s 9K cheaper than the most expensive apartment and it’s the one with the view of the city rather than the mountains (because I prefer that). If you want to go on a crime spree with a willing partner in crime, my PSN is “Koksters”. Cards against Humanity arrived and we’ve had a bit of a geez at that. The other big item is the Fifteen52 Tarmac wheel which also just arrived at the Kok household, which if you don’t know what that looks like:

Yup, it's a wheel.

Yup, it’s a wheel.

I was in the market for a new set of wheels for my car for a while now and I was kinda bored with the usual offerings, great solid offerings from Work, SSR, Rays Engineering and all other stuff cheap/expensive or in between. So when Ken Block decided to use what is arguably the most polarising set of wheels on his mad as a pair of cut snakes Ford Fiesta it set my heart racing and my thoughts combobulating with all sorts of combinations of colour and fitment.

I can spiel forth the virtues of having a cool wheels with little to no regard for trend except to set one, this will mean little to most as it has love it or hate it looks from the golden era of rally. At one stage I was thinking of putting a set on the Toyota 86 (should I have taken delivery) which shows how much commitment I have for the wheel (because that would have been a massive mistake). I haven’t seen this wheel on the street in Australia as yet so here’s to being one of the first.

Without much more diatribe here are the results of our long wait and subsequent taking of delivery and then installation:


Note burnout marks


I painted the centre caps to give it a bit more definition and some props to Fifteen52


This is my best side – MINI


Flat, very flat wheel for more pop when you look at it. The fitment request was “Flush”. With some lows it could be hella flush but I daily drive so that might not be advised.




The MINI was the more exciting change as the WRC MINI is a Countryman and this is a little bit of an ode to that with some rally style wheels. The stance is OK at this time. More to come for this ride.

Thanks to Tuner Warehouse for getting the wheels into the country: