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Lost in translation

Learning a new language is funny. I’ve mentioned before that it sometimes takes the romance out of a language. For example, Blaupunkt? Sounded cool, exotic, right? Well, it is literally ‘blue dot’. Schwarzkopf? ‘Black head’.

On the other hand, literally translating languages proves for some hilariousness. Especially if you understand both languages. Sayings are the best in this case.

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Down Town Sydney Town

I realise that although I reviewed British Airways, I didn’t actually report back on our trip to Sydney.

It was a short, jam-packed 10-day trip plus a couple of days flying and even though many said it was almost not worth it, it totally was because it had been about 2.5 years since I’d been back.

We planned our trip based on what food we would eat and on the people we would meet up with.

Day 1: We arrived in the morning and after visiting Shaun at work we headed home and had lunch: Korean noodle soup with pork. Dinner was of course dumplings and man is it good to have home-made dumplings! I am drooling just thinking about them. We didn’t even really have jetlag which was amazing and then eventually it was off to bed after a stress-free day.

Day 2: After some successful shopping at DFO with my parents, we visited my friend who was to be married and had a nice afternoon at her place with her then fiancé and their British Shorthair (cat). In the evening, it was Mamak. Asian food just isn’t the same in Germany, and there is a distinct lack of Singaporean/Malaysian food in Stuttgart.

Breakfast of champions

Breakfast of champions

Day 3: The day of the wedding. Shaun and Justin prepared a gigantic breakfast of chorizo, bacon, eggs, caramelised onions, hash browns and bread. Let’s just say that by the time the wedding dinner rolled around, we still could not eat. Still, it was a good time and I got to meet up with the bride, her husband and a mutual friend of ours who no longer lives in Sydney. She’s Austrian and I spoke to her in German for the first time which totally spun her out!

The bride and groom

The bride and groom

Day 4: We had a party with a few friends, family and our neighbours at home. A feast including chicken curry, noodles, and some other staples in our family. It was a great night organised by our parents and it was nice to meet and hang out over mum’s amazing cooking.

Day 5: Some of this may now be mixed because we had pork belly once at a restaurant and once at home, but I think this is the day that Justin made some home-made pork belly that was delicious but extremely filling.

I think that’s enough to fill your bellies by overloading your eyes for today, so until next time, if you’re going to try these foods…at least give yourself a chance, do this ‘diet’ over a few weeks!

Here’s Sydney welcoming us home:

Oh hai, Sydney!

Oh hai, Sydney!

Autumn Wedding: The Ranch

We’re coming to the end of the wedding season, with just one wedding to go and it’s amazing how quickly time flies. 2013 has a grand total of 6 weddings and for next year there’s already another wedding lined up in January!

The very last wedding of the year for us is in Australia which is really exciting. We get to go back and we get to skip out on a bit of winter in exchange for sunny, summery Sydney without the crazy heat.

The happy couple at The Ranch - can't see the rain, can you?!

The happy couple at The Ranch – can’t see the rain, can you?! (Photo credit: Michael Friz)

But before we get to that, I have to report on a wedding that we had about 2 weeks ago. American guy living in Germany since he was little marries a German lady, so of course, we celebrated at a ranch not too far from Stuttgart.

It was definitely a very different wedding to the ones that we have attended and photographed this year. Not only the location, but the food as well. As you can tell, ‘The Ranch’ was very much country style with stables and plenty of horses. The food was delicious with pulled pork, ribs and burgers on offer.

There were a few mishaps like the music not working for awhile, but I suppose, what’s a wedding without them? Still, I’m hoping that ours won’t have any!!

It rained a little but we still managed to get some nice shots of the lovely couple and had a great time.

We also attended a family wedding the next weekend (just over a week ago) and although we didn’t do the photography there, I will report on it next time because it was beautiful and had just about ZERO mishaps!

Til then, I will be working on planning for the new apartment 🙂