GTA V: The Collector’s Edition – Wait, you don’t have anymore copies?

You’ve heard the hype and seen the trailer, character intros and gameplay video, ok maybe if you’re a huge fan of Rockstar Games’ iconic Grand Theft Auto series or “GTA” as the standard mum’s basement gamer would say, you would know everything about GTA V. I thought I was the biggest fan ever!


I’m a huge GTA fan- ah crap

I found out quite quickly that I was not a huge fan (a reasonably/medium/fair sized fan?) because by the time I thought I could get myself a copy of GTA V Collectors Edition they were already sold out. Oh man! I really wanted the deposit bag to go with the safe deposit box:


Gym bag for gym things and safe deposit box for things like money or diamonds or sachets of Easy Mac! –

I checked online and everyone is either sold out or just not selling it (Thanks EBGames for ruining my dreams). And then my hunt was blessed by the answer “Yes, we do have a one left”:


Glory of glories! – Rockstar Games

After some riding at high speed from work to my hallowed destination in Parramatta (west of Sydney in NSW Australia) as well as a mistaken address (oh, so it’s in that part of town, you got some body armour on you?), I made it and in one-piece too! Slapped my card through the slot and I have in my hot hand/wallet a receipt for the deposit I put on my very own copy of GTA V the Collectors Edition! It just goes to show that even though it’s all sold out and Kotaku says it’s all done and dusted, a call to a difficult to get to shop can change all that (JB HiFi Parramatta on George St). Also small pieces of paper can sate the gamers desire to get his hands on a piece of gamer history, man I’m a dork.

Now that a copy is reserved I can think about what all this “Collectors Edition” mumbo is really about:

– More stuff than the average “stock” and even the “Special” version, because that’s for plebs and people who shop at EBGames.
– Cool GTA themed NewEra cap and deposit bag in a cool box, because difficulty to carry is a must, you can’t just slip this under the old rider jacket and zip on home.
– Loads of cool DLC – This used to be a kind of cop out to me as nothing was really beyond the 1337 haxxors (Elite Hackers) who with a deft code or two could just unlock those nice exclusives. These days it’s a little harder to obtain and especially in an immersive game world like the GTA series it makes the difference.
– Bragging rights – as long as I can get home without being mugged for my copy you can watch me get all un-PC and give Jack Thompson something to to be annoyed about.

This post is more of a “I am so happy and a little proud of myself that I needed to post about it” – kind of post, I apologise if you were looking for something a little more informative. Normal service will resume after these messages from our sponsors.

September 17 couldn’t come sooner.

Checkout the Rockstar Games site for more info and a “more biggerer” image of the collectors edition:


GTAV – Another game for the mantle

Shaun: Not exactly my department but certain games catch my eye and none more so than the GTA series. Ever since they moved from that top down lunacy to an (almost) fully realised 3D world they set the standard for story telling and immersion. Jump ahead 7 years and GTA 4 floored me with it’s jaw dropping detail and what was initially an annoying driving mechanic which I got used to and now get as “weighted handling”. Virtually all parts of GTAIV was standout, the feel, the grit, the sounds and some spectacular voice acting turned what could have been humdrum, yeah that was kinda fun to “wow, just wow”. You don’t easily forget the experiences as you wade in and get yourself soaked into the life of the protagonist which is all too sad when the story ends because there isn’t that much to do in the amazing looking world when you’re done. OK OK, you can only put so much into a game and when you have that much detail maybe you can’t run for mayor in Liberty City. I always dreamed of a MMORPG kind of GTA experience, loads of people and a finely balanced world where GTA stuff happens all the time… you know what, that is just terrifying.

I do know one thing though, I still play GTAIV and I can’t wait to check out what the guys at Rockstar have for us now in GTAV, from the outset things look good, the engine doesn’t appear that much better so i am going to assume more has been done about interactivity, and that is a good thing.

Gratuitous poster from the release: